Friday, May 7, 2010

Autism: Ayurvedic Apporach

In the second part of the series on Autism Awareness we would speak about different therapies that could compliment the normal medical follow through for an Autistic individual. Last week we had a close look on what is Autism and how is this condition conceived by science of Ayurveda. Let us speak more about different thought process behind certain approaches.

 Balancing the Vatta Dosha 
  Basti or Medicated Enema :
 In Ayurvedic literature one of the best ways to treat anyVatta disorder is by giving different herbal and medicated enema. The procedure is called as Basti. These are the procedures that have to be only done by your Ayurvedic Vaidya or Therapist. As we have seen in our posts on Vatta dosha that it predominantly shows it work in the abdomen area or the intestines. Enema or Basti is known to work on those same intestines thus helping in balancing the Vatta dosha.  Speak with your Vaidya or Ayurvedic Therapist to know more about this concept.
  Working on Digestive Tract:

 As we saw that normally an autistic individual might suffer with slow colon or constipation, normally what a Vaidya can sense in such cases is basically a very dry Colon. Thus lubrication is the need of the digestive system. One can also notice lot of bloating and gaseous in such individuals. Here are some recommendation to Increase digestion and work on the dry colon:

 a] Take 1 or 2 tsp of Flax seed oil daily .
 b] Add spices likeasafoetida, cumin, garlic in the diet to work on metabolism.
 c] If possible under expert guidance once can even take castor oil on weekly basis.
Increasing the Immune System:

It is well known that the immune system of an autistic person is always low and thus in constant threat of different contagious diseases. Here are some the ways to work on increasing the body immune system:

 a] Every day massage of Sesame seed or Almond Oil  can work magic in increasing immunity. Read more about it here.
 b] Different herbs that are known by world as Immune booster like Amala or Indian Goose Berry,Goji Berries should be part of the diet of the person.
 c] 1 to 2 tsp of Chavanprash can be a very effective way to increase immunity.
  Working on the Mind:

 The mind is the main area where one needs work as we all are aware in this scenario. Here are some simple tips on how to work on the Human Brain:
 a] Classical Music, different Mantras can work really magic due to the known healing power of vibration of sound waves.
 b] Energy Healing: Have a nice session once a month may be with a energy healer like Reiki or Pranic healing or Touch therapy. 

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