Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9 Ways to Boost One's Brain Every day

The month of May is well-known as the month of "Mental Health Awareness Month". Ayurveda has always given equal weight to both mind and the body when it comes to health and healthy living. One of the approaches that Ayurveda always takes is how to be healthy, rather than being disease as one can see from its goals. Mental health issues are known to disturb the life of not just the person who suffers but also all those who are in constant touch with the person. Thus although not a life threathing crisis still it is important for one to know how to keep the brain or the mind healthy.
In this article I would like to speak some of the simple ways of keeping the brain healthy and active, thus preventing different mental health issues like Alzheimer’s.

1] Reading:
Books that would encourage your mind to think about right or wrong, books that give a different perspective to a problem, books that can give morals are great to keep our mind healthy. It really does not matter if it is nonfiction or fiction, spiritual or comic, as long as the book does not projects negativity would be a great choice of read.

2] Listening:
Since beginning of mankind humans have been in a constant look out for sound. The chirping of the birds would glow one’s mood while the blowing of the horn would make one angry. Different sound waves would have different effect on our mind.
If we know that then why not utilize the power of music for our benefit. Good old classics like Mozart’s, Indian classical, bhajans, carols, and hymns are some of the ways to listen and boost one’s mind. Feed your brain every day some nice music to cheer it up!!

3] Watching:
One can even work out one’s brain with some nice movies. Choose movies that can feed one’s mind with nice thoughts, movies that would encourage one to think and understand something new. Once it makes one do this think understand that one is working and keeping the mind healthy.

4] Learning:
 To Learn every single day something new was the motto of one of the greatest industrialist of India.  Not only one person can know more and more from learning, but in a way of learning one is going to sharpens one's mind.

5] Play:
 Games like Chess are known to work your mind and brains. It is said that playing such games teaches you to look outside the box which is very important thing in current competitive field. Why not keep our self healthy mentally by playing such simple games.

6] Eating:
 Food have magic powers on our body, and so do they have on our mind too. Eat an almond a day and keep your brains fit is a very common notion in most South East Nations. Almonds, Cow's Milk are some of the dietary food that are known by Ayurveda to keep our mind healthy.

7] Writing:
As humans we are faced with emotions. Good or bad both, but it would be the bad emotions that can really make it worst. It is said that writing all such emotions and letting it go can make a big difference. To open such emotions and thoughts is like throwing away clutter from the mind and thus keeping it healthy.

8] Breathing:
 Since ancient times Yogis have known the power of Deep breathing or Pranayama. One of the important benefits of deep breathing is the increase of blood flow to the mind or the brain which works in a good way. Know more about more benefits of deep breathing in this article.

9] Solving:
 Most of the books that speak about healthy mind and ways to maintain it, speaks about one simple work out. I myself have been a follower of this method. It is the method of doing some sort of simple basic arithmetic problems daily. Do some additions randomly or do some multiplications. Simple stuff like such calculation are said to boost one’s mind and thus keep it healthy.

Posted by Sudeep
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