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5 Fruits to Eat This Summer

For the last couple of days we in Ontario are enjoying a very nice sunny days. Although being nice and hot for a change still some times the heat does bothers. Hydration of the body is must all the time and when Ice cold water is somewhat restricted to drink for health {Read here why},what are the options for nice cooling snacks. One tends to look out for nice delicious juicy fruits that out in nature exactly made to be at this right time of the heat. Fruits that can quench our thirst hunger and cool us. Here are top 5 fruits that should be consumed during such warm days.

Water Melon:
  • Known all over the world for its water content, this fruit remains an ideal choice for snacks in summer. It contains around 92% of water by weight, which proves very nice for quenching the thirst.
  • Watermelon contains high amount of beta carotene and Vitamin C.
  • In Africa this fruit has shown the potential to improve nutrition, boost food security and foster rural development all by itself.
  • The fruit can act as a diuretic in some cases.
  •  Since ancient times grapes are known to quench hunger and thirst. According to Ayurveda grapes do have property to act as blood cleanser.
  •  In tribal medicine grapes have been used for different respiratory conditions and for vocal cord issues.
  •  Since time long grapes has been known for their aphrodisiac powers.
  •  According to modern literature grapes do contain resveratrol a phytochemical known to inhibit different diseases like cancer, heart conditions and degenerative nerve disease.
  • This fruit works contains an enzyme called as bromelian that digest both proteins and fats. Thus this fruit remains a choice of fruit on our BBQ platter, to digest that extra meat and fat.
  • Pineapples have known for their actions on the intestines and different disorders of the intestines.
  • In tribal medicine this fruit is known to induce child birth, while in Philippines even today many use this fruit for its anthelmintic property.
  • The same enzyme bromelian is known for its anti inflammatory properties thus known in herbal medicine for different inflammatory conditions like arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • One cup of pineapple provides around 73%of daily recommended dose of manganese. This mineral is present in our bones and connective tissues and thus to have healthy bones pine apple would be an ideal fruit for consumption.
  • Although a fruit from the tropic, this fruit is known to be the king of all the fruits in India.
  • Mango does contain a very high amount of Iron, which is why this fruit is a boon for those suffering with anaemia.
  • Ayurveda recommends this fruit to fight acidity and also its raw form is known to increase appetite.
  • This fruit also contains selenium a nutrient known to help those who suffer with heart conditions.

  • Most of the berries do tend to show common properties thus it would be recommended one to have different berries during the summer time. Strawberries, cranberries, blue berries and many more.
  • All of them do have antioxidants in them and thus are very nutritious for once health.
  • A study published in Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found out that blue berries juice enhanced memory and learning in older adults. They also concluded that blueberry juice reduces blood sugar and symptoms of depression.
  • All berries are known to work on Urinary tract infection especially that of cranberries and blue berries.

One can see many different types of fruits in nature other than those listed above. Of course are always the first choices when it comes to Ayurveda to snack during such hot climates. So what are you waiting for grap a quick bite of a fruit to quench your thirst this summer?

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