Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Things to Know about Afternoon Naps!!!

Summer comes with increase heat and extended day light which do cause humans to reduce one's sleeping cycles. A need for an afternoon nap is always welcome all over the world. Should one nap in the afternoon? Is that a good thing or bad? How long should be a nap in such cases? Let have some more thoughts on that line.

1] The word Nap is basically referred to a short period of sleep in the day time usually afternoon time. In Sanskrit it is known as "Vama Khukshi" while the most common name more famous in European region is the word Siesta spoken in Spanish. Siesta a word that has its origin from Latin word hora sexta or the sixth hour.

2] People all over the world do enjoy afternoon naps for different reasons since ancient times, but one of the primary reason for having nap after meals was to keep away from the hot sun.

3] Naps are classified further as Power nap that is of 20 minutes, Mini nap that is of 5-20 minutes, micro nap which ranges up to 5 minutes and lastly a nano nap of just few seconds.

4] Ayurveda recommends one to have afternoon naps only in the Grishma Ritu that is the summer season of the year. An healthy person is recommended not to nap during other seasons unless having some health conditions.

5] Ayurveda recommends having naps while sleeping on the left side.  It is said that napping on the left side helps digestion and also keeps the right nostril working which is said according to yoga to increase hunger and heat up the body.

6] Only person who are ok to have afternoon naps according to Ayurveda are those who work night shifts or work in crazy hours, who are weak or tired with fatigue and those who are geriatric.

7] Naps according to Ayurveda are bound to increase Kapha dosha and thus good for those who is Vatta Prakruti. Those people who work more physical are always good candidate for afternoon naps.

8] Those who are obese, diabetic, depressed, suffer with insomnia are refrained from having an afternoon Nap. As nap is said to increase Kapha dosha, one can see the increase of kapha leading to gain in weight and all those conditions related to it.

9] Afternoon Naps are known to refresh the mind and improve overall alertness. It can also boost one's mood and productivity. In a study conducted for six years in Greece it has been clearly noted the health benefit of napping for the Heart.

10] Even though it is said to be afternoon nap, Ayurveda recommends one to sleep not on full stomach immediately. Try to walk a little and then have the quick power nap. This might help digestion and refresh one's body better.

So do you like Napping? If you do how little is your nap? Do you enjoy it or not?

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