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Yoga and Menstruation

Some Questions and Some Thoughts

Yoga and Menstruation has always been a topic of some kind of debate between different groups. Old customs and religious teaching spoke about restrain during those few days, while the new world speaks about doing everything that can be done in regular days. What is true and what not is always a question that has been asked all over the World Wide Web.

  Can I do yoga during menstruation cycle?
 Yes and No it all depends on you. Menstruation cycle is an important event in the life of women that happens every month from menarche to menopause as you know. It is during those daysmany hormonal changes results in different physical and mental changes in a woman. The lifestyle and habits of women’s do affect on how she faces those days. Yoga thus can be a lot relief to women’s, because of its role to work on both physical and mental aspect of the body. But wait it do have its limitation.
Limitation what are those? Why to limit?

 Yes one could not go to yoga class and do the whole class. Certain yogic poses would actually cause trouble to a women's body, thus one must be very sure of what to do and what poses not to do during those few days. Asana or Poses that includes forward bend for long time or inverted poses are to be avoided during those days. Regular Breathing, deep mediation, some sitting poses are ok to do during those days.

  Why cannot we do all those poses as taught in regular yoga class?

To answer your question one needs to understand the state of women's body during those days. The Uterus is throwing out blood, stale blood from one month period. The blood vessels in the Uterus are open during those days. Inverted poses, forward bends are some of the poses which may increase the pressure on the abdomen which in a way may oozes more blood may be fresh blood. No one wants to have heavy bleeding during those days, thus those postures are to be avoided. Poses like Salabhasana,Ustrasana
are to be avoided.

  What poses are then helpful during Menstruation?

The chief complaint of any women during menstruation cycle is bloating, cramps and the best yogic posture to work for those is Vajrasana. Simple breathing exercise, Savasana are very relaxing poses for the body and thus can be really enjoyed by the women.Light stretches of the body are also welcomed. Asanas like Upavista Konasana,Baddha Konasana are recommended by Yogis during those dew days.

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