Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Raw Food Diet

 My Concern , My Thoughts

A sudden wave of Raw food diet is currently sweeping the Health Market. The whole idea is to consume raw foods like fruits, vegetables and may be some amount of milk and milk products. Some even refrain from having milk and milk products. It is known that the early days of such food habits to be from the days of Natropathic Medicine in Europe and surrounding countries. 
 I myself do enjoy such raw food and fruits in my diet to be frank and do would always recommend such type of habits. But the issue comes with me when one eats only and only raw food the whole time. In this article I would try to point some of my difference of opinion. Do let me know what you think on this concept. 

1] Human Evolution:
  One of the first arguments that I have against the use of raw food diet for long time is very simple and is related to over all human races. My first question is why did humans start to cook? Was it for to make certain food palatable or was it to make it more digestible.
As I search about raw food diet I found out these thoughts where conveyed by Richard Wrangham a primate researcher and professor of anthropology who argued about cooked meals to be most natural for human digestive system. He speaks about the evolution of humans from where no existence can be found for humans to be only and only eating uncooked meals. Cooking according to him seems natural tendency for humans due to weak digestive system that could not digest raw food. 

2] Geography and Food:
If you can recollect old geography lessons from your school days you would be aware that humans from different temperate region and surroundings eat different. Ayurveda speaks about digestion in relation with surrounding. Forget different regions but even in different seasons we do eat different. In cold months we eat more as our digestion is very strong during those months, while in hot months or summer we eat less as our appetite is reduced to large intake of water and juices.
If that is the case how can raw diet of just vegetables satisfy during all those different months? Would that keep a person healthy?  And then what about those crazy winter months where nature just have roots for her kids to eat. We are lucky that modern innovation can bring broccoli and other vegetables for even those in Arctic region in cold extreme conditions.
Would our great great granny eat in such a way is the question here? 

3] Health Concern:
Lastly the point that worries me the most is the health of an individual. Yes I am sure after a life style full of crazy food habits one is going to get results as soon as one starts such type of raw diet. Bloating upset stomach, irregular bowel moments are some of the common health concern seen.
As spoke in the first point digestive system of humans are not ready for such change resulting in such health issues.  How can such diet pattern help then in the long run is my question. 

My Thoughts Overall :
I personally enjoy raw food; even Ayurveda recommends it often for many different conditions. The fact is that having it as a lifestyle is the issue here. Ayurveda speaks about Moderation and that is what required even in this scenario. Have raw vegetables and juices, but do steam, boil or roast them too. Add some spices here and there and enjoy food.
Follow the rule of Moderation and one can reach their health goals. Give it a try and see...

Think about this and do feel free to write what you think? Am I thinking in the right way or no...? Do you think that eating raw food is still good? If so why help me?

Posted by Sudeep

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