Friday, April 16, 2010

Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

So finally the days of warmth and sunlight are back. As many enjoy the arrival of the spring, I am sure many would find the same days to be nasty for health reason. Spring bring warmth and sunlight so does it meant to bring new growth of trees all around the Northern Hemisphere. New growth means the more and more amount of pollens in air and thus bringing seasonal health hazard for many individuals around the area. The season of Spring Allergies has begun officially. The sad news is that this year may be more troublesome as reported by many local news papers all around United States. Have a look at the news yourself.

Symptoms of Spring Allergies:

1] Runny Nose
2] Itchy Eyes
3] Lots of Sneeze
4] Sinusitis
5] Headache due to Sinus infection

Ways to Handle Spring Allergies :

1] Avoid going Out and take extra precaution when outdoor
2] Take flu and allergy shots
3] Take antihistamine and nasal sprays

Here are some of the most common health advices given during this period. When it comes to Natural remedies here are some easy ways to help.

Simple Natural Remedies to Fight Spring Allergies

1] Ginger Tea :
 I have spoken in regards to Ginger many times on this website and I wish to remind readers that ginger offers a lot of protection and also healing when it comes to different types of allergies. Not only Ginger does have anti inflammatory properties but it also does have anti-histamine in it which it works really well against allergies including spring time.
To have Ginger either one can have just plain ginger in food or try having a warm Ginger tea. Look out for its recipe here.

2] Garlic:
BBC published recently published a news article in regards the use of Garlic and Common cold and how helpful can this common spice could be in such conditions both in preventing and healing.
Garlic like Ginger does have anti inflammatory powers that work magic when used to treat and prevent allergies. Have a clove of garlic and boost your immune system thus preventing from such allergen attack. Choose either to have some garlic in cooking or just raw garlic both would do the trick.

3] Steam:
Hot steam with hot water and small amount of eucalyptus oil is the recipe of choice of my grandmother during such allergy attack. Eucalyptus is well known to work as anti bacterial and as a decongestant which is why it helps a lot in treating spring allergies. Try when having a congested nose and see how much better you can feel with such steam.

4] Boosting your Immune System:
For all those who suffer and are suffering with spring allergies it is very important that they should also concentrate on boosting their immune system. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meat and meat products can help a lot. Avoid eating food that is frozen or cooked prior. Seasonal fruits like Apples, Papaya, Orange, and Amala can give a good boost to your immune system.

Other than all the said natural easy homemade remedies herbal remedies like Nasya really give a good boost to protect and treat from Spring Allergies. Visit your local Ayurvedic Consultant to know more about this treatment.
Making sure that we are ready to fight the condition that we stay is one way to keep yourself fit and fine during such crazy seasons. That is what Ayurveda all about.

Posted by Sudeep

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