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How to Cure Sore Throat ?

 9 Home Remedies to Cure Sore Throat

One of the commonest health conditions that one can face at least once in a lifetime is Sore Throat or also know in the medical community as Acute Pharyngitis which means inflammation of the throat or the pharynx. Discomfort in the throat, pain while swallowing some times, coughing, a need to itch the throat are some of the commonest issues faces by many during this health issue. Since ages humans have looked for easy home remedies for this condition which are even regarded by the medical profession as the number one step to fight sore throat.

  1] Hot Water Gargle:
Hot water with salt gargle has been used since long time to gargle when one faces such itchy condition. It is advised by many Vaidya that use of such gargle more so when one faces sore throat with cough and mucus secretion rather than just itchy sore throat.

2] Turmeric:
Turmeric and honey combined together to make a past and then licked every half hour has proved to very effective in controlling sore throat infection. Commonly recommended by grandmother, this remedy remains very famous in India. Anti-Inflammatory property of turmeric is well know which is known to play an important role here.

3] Licorice:
 Licorice acts as soother of the sore throat. It not just soothes the area but also work as an expectorant. Normally one may just chew on the licorice roots in India, but often in certain cases licorice powder with honey is administered to lick often when one suffers with sore throat.

4] Cardamom:
Open one or two pods of Cardamom, take those black brown seeds and roast it with small amount of black pepper. Mix this roasted combination with honey and keep on licking it all during the day when one suffers with sore throat. Black pepper fights the bacteria and viruses while cardamom soothes the throat to give magic results.

5] Garlic:
 The well known anti inflammatory spice is well known to work against sore throat. Open the clove of garlic and keep in the oral cavity a clove of garlic for as much time as you can. It is said that garlic does contain “allicin” a chemical that kills bacteria.  Yes I know the bad breathe issue....

6] Eucalyptus:
This aromatic herb is known to sooth the body muscles when applied or inhaled or in any form. The same principle works against sore throat. A nice steam of water and eucalyptus oil can work magic, same is the case with hot tea with some eucalyptus.

7] Sage:
 In one litre of hot water add some sage, and let it sit down for a while. Add some honey and then gargle this combination couple of times in one day. It is said that this combination works magic in 6 hours when one faces with sore throat. Worth a try!!

8] Ginger:
 Ginger another potent anti inflammatory, anti septic can be used successfully against Sore throat. Ginger tea recipe   has been spoken on this blog couple of times. Have for yourself. If suffering with sore throat make sure one have at least few cups of ginger tea in a day to give result.

9] Basil Tea:
 Tea made of basil leaves has been choice of many ayurvedic vaidya in India to treat and heal Sore throat. Basil leaves normally work as expectorant which is why they are enjoyed when used in sore throat. But it is also the property of basil leaves to work as anti viral, anti bacterial that makes a big difference.

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