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Home Remedies for Toothache

Tooth ache or pain around the particular tooth or teeth’s is one of the very common health issues that are faced by each one of us once in a lifetime. Whatever may be the cause cavities, gum diseases, or emergence of wisdom teeth the pain that one suffers is simply unbearable. The most troubling part is that one could not think about anything else other than the pain during such conditions. How to work on such tooth aches when your dentist appointment is next day, while you suffer with it tonight. How to survive those 6 to 8 hours ... Here are some tips that might help you to survive...

1] Clove Oil Compress:

 Since time long humans have been using cloves a spice from our kitchen for treating toothache. Clove or Syzygium aromaticum is basically a spice used by many Asian for regular cooking. The same spice does contain oil which can be bought from our local pharmacy. Apply a drop of that oil to a small cotton bud and then apply it directly to the affected tooth.
Cloves are not just considered to be antibacterial, but they also contain "eugenol" a chemical which is known for it’s anesthetise powers, thus working as a pain killer.

2] Sesame Seed Oil:

 According to one Chinese folk remedy the best treatment to heal such toothache is by taking a combination of 1 part of sesame oil mixing with 2 parts of water and then boiling it to make it just half. Apply that mixture to the affected area.
It is said that this effect of sesame seed oil is due to 7 different chemicals present in it.

3] Mustard Oil:

 If sesame seed oil is a good remedy from the Chinese text, just across the Himalayas the North Indian used Mustard oil to treat such tooth ache.
Gargle 1 part of mustard oil with 2 part of water for few minutes and do it often when one suffers with such pain recommends many locals.

4] Garlic:

We all know how bad one would smell when garlic is consumed. But still the same garlic due to its anti septic, anti bacterial properties work magic in such tooth aches.
Take a clove and crush it just near the tooth that is affected .Keep it for some time to see the result of garlic.

5] Onions:

Same rule applies with Onions another vegetable that stinks in the mouth when eaten. But eating onions when one suffers with tooth ache has been followed for ages. It may be due to its anti bacterial properties says scientists.

6] Asafoetida:

 On a cotton bud keep some Asafoetida a spice from Asia and then keep in on the affected area. Keep that compress for some time. Many would add salt to it but even without salt it works the same.
Asafoetida according to Ayurveda works excellent as a pain killer.

Life style changes to prevent from such tooth aches: 

       1] Brush and Gargle every time you eat solid food.
       2] Avoid eating too much of chocolates, bakery products or refined starch products like pastries, cake, biscuits.
       3] Do not eat or drink hot after cold or cold after hot. Sudden change of temperature is bad for oral health.
       4] You eat to chew and chew to eat your food.

Hope all this can help you to survive the night till you see you dentist.
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