Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday E-Swastya !!

One Year and Still Blogging
Today I do like to take your liberty to speak on a different note, if that is ok. I am going to speak of health, but just for today I would like to speak about the health of this blog, of e-swastya.  Yes it has been around a year since I started blogging on this blog.  A year since I started spreading the word of Ayurveda, yoga, health and healthy living out for those who cherish it.

The goals of this blog remained even today the same as it did on that day of its start. The Goal of Ayurveda“Swastsya Swasta Rakshnam” which means to keep the fit healthy as much as possible, “Aturasya Prashamam cha” meaning to help the diseases to cure their illness . This are the same principle that e-swastya even cherish it.
For this goal I wrote articles, shared articles that are written by guest blogger, covering topics ranging from Ayurveda, yoga, lifestyle changes, day to day happening in relation to health. Here is the list of the top most viewed and read article which I am very happy to share with you.


The first few months defiantly it was very hard to get readership which e-swastya struggled for a while, but soon I am happy to tell that other than regular readers e-swastya does have readership of around 70 RSS readers who get every alternate day posts from this site. As a token of love I do share some special notes with my RSS readers by sending once a month newsletter. I hope for those who are currently reading this blog and would like to receive a special news letter add their email on the top left column up here.

Another new happening to e-swastya is the face book fan page which I have recently created. Hope those of my readers are reading e-swastya join this fan page. Here is the link for it.
I also take a small opportunity to thanks all those readers who read, share and even comment on the posts. Not to mention I also thanks those who just read the post and would ask them to comment some times, share some of the posts to friends and family.

Future for e-swastya

Coming soon is a small e- book that I would love to work on. I have some plans but not clear picture on what topic I need to write it. It would be nice if you can give me some of your valuable opinion on what topic one would love to read a e- book. Should I put it out for a small price or should I keep it free to download. Thoughts would be welcome.
Also look out for the heading menu of this blog as soon I am thinking to offer consultations in regards to lifestyle changes and yoga for different health conditions and even on simple health issues. A very minimal charge would be applied for this service.

My request

Knowledge should never be kept for oneself. It is always good to share more and more that is what many old gurus used to tell. My only request that I would like to ask you to do is to share the article that you read. Share it to your friends and family members, tweet them dig them, stumble some of them too. I am sure all your good karma would be rewarded in the end for sure.

Posted by Sudeep 

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