Friday, April 9, 2010

Eating Fast Food=Cocaine Addiction Studies speaks !!

The current century has been dominated by the presence of fast junk food. The use of such food has grown a lot these days and it is all blamed to lack to time to eat and too cook. One noticeable fact that one can easily tell is that once you have bite of a fast food or junk, you are again and again attracted to it. And well that is the fact. Very recent Toronto Star an important news paper in Toronto published an article comparing the role of Fast junk food to cocaine. It was an interesting piece of research, thus I thought to share with you all.
"In a recent research done by The Scripps Research Institute in Florida scientist did find the similarity between addiction of Cocaine or Nicotine or any other addictive and Fast food junk eating."
Speaking to journalist Paul Kenny told how they came to this conclusion. Rats where grouped and then decided for which group to eat what. The first group only ate healthy balanced food; the second group was feed healthy food, but had access to unhealthy food or junk food for one hour a day, while the third group where fed balanced healthy food, but had access to junk food 24/7. It was found soon that the rats in the third group developed a preference for high calorie food and munched on it all day thus becoming obese soon.
 The study came to conclusion that the over-consumption of high calorie food can trigger addiction like response in the brain and thus can turn rats into compulsive eaters. Decrease level of specific dopamine receptor, a chemical that allows the brain too knows the feeling of being rewarded was found in overweight rats in this study too. The brain here behaves very similar to the brain of those who are addicted to Cocaine and Nicotine.
Remember those days when you are alone at night time and even after a heavy meal crave some cookies or doughnut or even ice-cream. What is it after all according to the above mention research some sort of cocaine addiction condition.

The Future:

The future of human is very clear some times when it comes to food. Yes more and more of our younger generation are and would be addicted to such fast food and junk. A day soon would come when Fast food rehab would be something very commonly seen. What do you say?

What can be done?

 The answer has been given by many people on different levels , blogging community has made a huge impact on eating right food, Chefs like Jamie Oliver are making some huge changes in all the schools , The first woman of America Michelle Obama has pledge to work on Childhood Obesity, something very much connected to our topic. The question now to ask is what are you going to do? Are you going to change what you eat or not? Are we going to plan some healthy meals for us and our kids .Think about it...

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