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April is known as the month of Autism Awareness. Although my knowledge about this condition remained only for text book purpose until I came to Canada where I was exposed to many kids in different age group related to the condition. Thus whatever work I started in this field all evolved with my own observation, my constant conversation with my teachers and study friends in India and interpretation of different verses from the ancient books of Ayurveda.

Over view of Autism

Autism a disorder of neural development which brings on impaired social interaction and communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior. A person suffering with this condition normally may or may not response to a question asked, may get irritated suddenly, may speak or ask the same thing again and again and so on and on. This is just a simple way to explain those complex terms for a lay man. Normally one can see such symptoms from age 3 months, and the condition gets clearly defined by around 2 to 3 years old.

Signs of Autism:
Here are some of the signs that one might have a look:
  1. loss of skill set
  2. odd movements
  3. not developing normal play with toys
  4. repetitive behavior, obsessive behavior
  5. abnormal high anxiety
  6. high pain threshold
  7. lack of eye contact
  8. lack of response to local commands.

A growing kid may show association with other conditions such as:
  1. Low Immune system
  2. Allergies
  3. Headaches
  4. Seizures
  5. Aggression
  6. Constipation and many more

Approach of Ayurveda towards Autism:

Any condition according to Ayurveda has to be because of the impairment of either of the Tridosha, or a combination of two or more doshas. Autism seems more or so a condition that shows impairment of the Vatta dosha in the body since the early child hood. Skills to move, skills to talk, and all such mental skills comes in to the jurisdiction of different types of Vatta dosha. As one can see the all those skills are hampered one can predict the involvement of the said dosha.

Following are few of the approach that one can think when handling Autism according to Ayurveda

1] Balancing the Vatta Dosha
2] Working on the digestive tract
3] Increasing the Immune system
4] Working on the Mind

 In the next part of the article we would see what are the different treatments and therapies that can be useful on a side by side basis while keeping the above principle in mind.

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