Monday, April 5, 2010

Apanasana or PawanMuktasana

 Knee to Chest Pose

Currently we are focusing on some postures that might help one to relieve stress. In today's posture we would find yet another interesting way to handle body stress caused especially due to constipation. It is a known fact if  one  do not go to loo at least once in two days, that makes one feel a little at stress. The average span may vary in different individuals as some may be stress even not going for a single day, while others are totally comfortable with one bowel in three days.  But finally a need of some sort of remedy is big time searched during such conditions. The answer remains in this magic pose called as “Apanasana”.

If one recollect I have spoke when describing the different Vatta dosha in our body, the vatta governing the bowel moment is called as Apan Vayu and thus the name of the posture that helps one to release that vayu from our body is called as Apanasana or Knee to Chest Pose.

How to do this pose:
 1] Lie down on the mat on your back. Keepn your head comfortable, both the hands parallel to the body on the side, while both the legs straight resting on the mat.
2] Now inhale in and slowly lift both your legs above your hips. Make sure they are straight. The position now is both the legs perpendicular to the ground and the body.
3] Keep them in this pose for few seconds.
4] Inhale in again and this time bend our knee joint slowly and bring the knees and thigh closer to the abdomen.
5] With the help of both the hands catching hold of each other above the legs , let the knees and the thighs press the abdomen a little.
6] For those who do not suffer with neck issues, one can go further and lift the neck to touch the chin of the face to the knee joint.
7] Hold the pose for few breathes and then slowly lift the legs up and then keep them down slowly.

1]Pregnant women should not over do this pose.
2]Those who have issues with neck, try to make sure not to do the neck lift in this pose.
3]It would be nice if one consult with respective yoga teacher if one suffers with colitis as this pose might help might increase depending on the condition in such cases.


1] A gentle massage to the abdomen is given due to the pressure of thighs.
2] Aids digestion and also relieves wind or gas and bloating
3] Promotes a nice healthy bowel moment. A great pose for those who have trouble going to washroom.
4] Stretches the lower back.
5] Tones the abdomen muscles.


This pose is great for Throat Chakra.

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