Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Pointers to Ask After Detoxfication

5 Questions to Let us know if we had a great Cleanse
Spring has bought on this blog different detoxification topics that I have never written before. We spoke about the need of such detoxification during spring and last month we also had a chance of seeing different options one can have for such cleanse. The question that I always like to ask my clients after such cleanse which I would ask you too is how to know that you had a good cleanse. No ECG or blood works can give you the proofs that it was a good cleanse. Again I have noted many different detoxes where instead of feeling fresh one is often suffering with pain and nausea some times. How can we know that it was a good detox?
Here in this article I have some pointers for you about different things to observe and ask yourself after you detox:

1] Are you Hungry? Do you digest real well after your detox?

Any detoxification process would lead to increase functioning of the liver and other glands assisting the digestions. Thus the first effect of a good detox would be increase appetite and increase digestion. One may be hungry at meal times and not more than that, and also eating a lot well. It is thus advised that even after a good cleanse it is good to observe what we eat and try to eat as healthy as possible.

2] Are you fresh? Do feel that you are renewed being?

Living in a clustered house, one day when you clean that entire cluster what would be your feeling. Do you feel the house to renewed and fresh? Even after it being the same old house, and you the same person still it’s a nice feeling. This is the same feeling that one need to get after you had a good detoxification. Feeling of nausea might stay for a day or two sometimes after detox, but after those initial days are you feeling renewed or no?

3] Do you feel you have a ton of energy at your disposal suddenly?

 A healthy appetite, healthy digestion brings a sudden increase of energy for you after a nice detox. Are you having that boost in energy? Are you feeling fresh and boosted after such detox? Some detox might make you tired for the first or the second day like fasting, but after the initial days of rest one might have a great amount of energy.

4] Do you feel that you can smell better or taste better?

 Ayurveda speaks about increased sense organ power after a nice detoxification. A real nice and good cleanse can show one of this results with you. I would like to know if you have felt this way, do let us know too. You can smell we know, but after such cleanse one can really smell small things or see the vision increased for perfection or one can hear even a pin drops.
Have you felt in this way? Let us know too...

5] Is your brain fresh and full or energy too?

Although we are doing a body cleanse most of cleanses do also work on our brains and mind. The fatigue of the brain that we typical see after a whole day work at the office can be refreshed with a nice rest in the night time. But as days process even that can get a little bit concentrated leading to mental fatigue. After detox one need to see this same mental fatigue disappearing. Does your mind come with new ideas or work with issues with new power after such cleanse.

So do you or your health practitioners look and ask you such questions after cleanse? Do you feel few points out of all that I have mentioned after a nice cleanse? Why do not you write out for me and all the community?

Posted by Sudeep

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