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April is known as the month of Autism Awareness. Although my knowledge about this condition remained only for text book purpose until I came to Canada where I was exposed to many kids in different age group related to the condition. Thus whatever work I started in this field all evolved with my own observation, my constant conversation with my teachers and study friends in India and interpretation of different verses from the ancient books of Ayurveda.

Over view of Autism

Autism a disorder of neural development which brings on impaired social interaction and communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior. A person suffering with this condition normally may or may not response to a question asked, may get irritated suddenly, may speak or ask the same thing again and again and so on and on. This is just a simple way to explain those complex terms for a lay man. Normally one can see such symptoms from age 3 months, and the condition gets clearly defined by around 2 to 3 years old.

Signs of Autism:
Here are some of the signs that one might have a look:
  1. loss of skill set
  2. odd movements
  3. not developing normal play with toys
  4. repetitive behavior, obsessive behavior
  5. abnormal high anxiety
  6. high pain threshold
  7. lack of eye contact
  8. lack of response to local commands.

A growing kid may show association with other conditions such as:
  1. Low Immune system
  2. Allergies
  3. Headaches
  4. Seizures
  5. Aggression
  6. Constipation and many more

Approach of Ayurveda towards Autism:

Any condition according to Ayurveda has to be because of the impairment of either of the Tridosha, or a combination of two or more doshas. Autism seems more or so a condition that shows impairment of the Vatta dosha in the body since the early child hood. Skills to move, skills to talk, and all such mental skills comes in to the jurisdiction of different types of Vatta dosha. As one can see the all those skills are hampered one can predict the involvement of the said dosha.

Following are few of the approach that one can think when handling Autism according to Ayurveda

1] Balancing the Vatta Dosha
2] Working on the digestive tract
3] Increasing the Immune system
4] Working on the Mind

 In the next part of the article we would see what are the different treatments and therapies that can be useful on a side by side basis while keeping the above principle in mind.

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Happy Birthday E-Swastya !!

One Year and Still Blogging
Today I do like to take your liberty to speak on a different note, if that is ok. I am going to speak of health, but just for today I would like to speak about the health of this blog, of e-swastya.  Yes it has been around a year since I started blogging on this blog.  A year since I started spreading the word of Ayurveda, yoga, health and healthy living out for those who cherish it.

The goals of this blog remained even today the same as it did on that day of its start. The Goal of Ayurveda“Swastsya Swasta Rakshnam” which means to keep the fit healthy as much as possible, “Aturasya Prashamam cha” meaning to help the diseases to cure their illness . This are the same principle that e-swastya even cherish it.
For this goal I wrote articles, shared articles that are written by guest blogger, covering topics ranging from Ayurveda, yoga, lifestyle changes, day to day happening in relation to health. Here is the list of the top most viewed and read article which I am very happy to share with you.


The first few months defiantly it was very hard to get readership which e-swastya struggled for a while, but soon I am happy to tell that other than regular readers e-swastya does have readership of around 70 RSS readers who get every alternate day posts from this site. As a token of love I do share some special notes with my RSS readers by sending once a month newsletter. I hope for those who are currently reading this blog and would like to receive a special news letter add their email on the top left column up here.

Another new happening to e-swastya is the face book fan page which I have recently created. Hope those of my readers are reading e-swastya join this fan page. Here is the link for it.
I also take a small opportunity to thanks all those readers who read, share and even comment on the posts. Not to mention I also thanks those who just read the post and would ask them to comment some times, share some of the posts to friends and family.

Future for e-swastya

Coming soon is a small e- book that I would love to work on. I have some plans but not clear picture on what topic I need to write it. It would be nice if you can give me some of your valuable opinion on what topic one would love to read a e- book. Should I put it out for a small price or should I keep it free to download. Thoughts would be welcome.
Also look out for the heading menu of this blog as soon I am thinking to offer consultations in regards to lifestyle changes and yoga for different health conditions and even on simple health issues. A very minimal charge would be applied for this service.

My request

Knowledge should never be kept for oneself. It is always good to share more and more that is what many old gurus used to tell. My only request that I would like to ask you to do is to share the article that you read. Share it to your friends and family members, tweet them dig them, stumble some of them too. I am sure all your good karma would be rewarded in the end for sure.

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Salamba Sarvangasana

 Shoulder Stand {Supported}
Last week I tried to incorporate some of the common questions and myths asked about Yoga. Menstruation Cycle and Yoga what should and should not be done. I hope it did justice to some of your questions. In the near future I would write more about such myths, certain styles and classes of yoga and certain theories of yoga in our ongoing series of Yoga. Today we head back to some advance poses, hope that many should try and get it right in just the first try.

Salamba Sarvangasana

 In today post we would speak about an advance stage pose that is commonly known as Shoulder stand or Salamba Sarvangasana. The name of the pose of course derived from Sanskrit language. The word "alamaba" means Prop or support, the word "Sa" means together or accompanied, while the word "Sarva" means all together or entire while we have seen the word "anaga" means body.  The name clearly speaks of the pose as asana where one supports the whole body in a certain way. Thus the name Supported Should Stand or "Salamba Sarvangaasana" .

How to do this pose?
1] The start of this pose starts with the same way as we did Apanasana.  Come to the point that we do the whole of pose of Apanasana. From here we start further...
2] Exhale out and slowly adding some pressure on our hips we slowly lift them up. Give them the support of your elbows just on your buttock area with a little bend of the elbow joint.
3] Exhale again and slowly raise the trunk keeping the support of the hands on the lower back, straight up so that the chest can touch the chin.
4] The head, back of the neck, shoulders and the upper back lies on the mat. Rest everything is up in the air.
5] Slowly as you settle in stretch the legs and point the toes up.
6] For beginners hold the pose for at least 5 breathes, while in advance stage one can hold this pose for a while.


 1] The word support is for the support of the hands that one gives to do this pose. In early beginner stage on can take the help on a chair to raise you up.
 2] It is also advised in early stages to use some thick mat or pillow underneath the upper back. But again this is only in the case of early stages of learning the pose.
 3] Those women who are menstruating are the first to be cautioned and not to do this pose.
 3] In pregnancy one can only try this pose if one is master of it, a new comer should not try this pose. It is advised to do this pose only in the late trimester.
 4] Those who suffer with spinal injuries, neck injury are advised to avoid this pose, or try with the help of expert guidance.
 5] People who suffer with Migraines or headaches, high blood pressure or hypertension should avoid doing this pose.
 6] People who suffer with diarrhoea, Irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease should avoid this pose especially in the acute stage.


1] According to the yogic master Iyengar this asana is the mother of all the asana. As a mother takes care of her kids and nourishes them in the same this asana takes care of the doer.
2] The magic of this asana is first and fore mostly seen on the endocrine system. This asana stimulates the thyroid and the prostate glands also work its magic on the brain.
3] Due to its unusual position one can often feel increase flow of blood to the brain, thus helping in relieving stress and depression.
4] The effects of this asana can also be seen on improving digestion in overall way.
5] Due to increase of blood flow to the brain it is a good asana to decrease mental and physical fatigue.
6] It is a recommended asana for asthma, infertility and sinusitis.
7] It also works in toning and stretching the whole body.

This pose is great for Throat Chakra.

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Home Remedies for Toothache

Tooth ache or pain around the particular tooth or teeth’s is one of the very common health issues that are faced by each one of us once in a lifetime. Whatever may be the cause cavities, gum diseases, or emergence of wisdom teeth the pain that one suffers is simply unbearable. The most troubling part is that one could not think about anything else other than the pain during such conditions. How to work on such tooth aches when your dentist appointment is next day, while you suffer with it tonight. How to survive those 6 to 8 hours ... Here are some tips that might help you to survive...

1] Clove Oil Compress:

 Since time long humans have been using cloves a spice from our kitchen for treating toothache. Clove or Syzygium aromaticum is basically a spice used by many Asian for regular cooking. The same spice does contain oil which can be bought from our local pharmacy. Apply a drop of that oil to a small cotton bud and then apply it directly to the affected tooth.
Cloves are not just considered to be antibacterial, but they also contain "eugenol" a chemical which is known for it’s anesthetise powers, thus working as a pain killer.

2] Sesame Seed Oil:

 According to one Chinese folk remedy the best treatment to heal such toothache is by taking a combination of 1 part of sesame oil mixing with 2 parts of water and then boiling it to make it just half. Apply that mixture to the affected area.
It is said that this effect of sesame seed oil is due to 7 different chemicals present in it.

3] Mustard Oil:

 If sesame seed oil is a good remedy from the Chinese text, just across the Himalayas the North Indian used Mustard oil to treat such tooth ache.
Gargle 1 part of mustard oil with 2 part of water for few minutes and do it often when one suffers with such pain recommends many locals.

4] Garlic:

We all know how bad one would smell when garlic is consumed. But still the same garlic due to its anti septic, anti bacterial properties work magic in such tooth aches.
Take a clove and crush it just near the tooth that is affected .Keep it for some time to see the result of garlic.

5] Onions:

Same rule applies with Onions another vegetable that stinks in the mouth when eaten. But eating onions when one suffers with tooth ache has been followed for ages. It may be due to its anti bacterial properties says scientists.

6] Asafoetida:

 On a cotton bud keep some Asafoetida a spice from Asia and then keep in on the affected area. Keep that compress for some time. Many would add salt to it but even without salt it works the same.
Asafoetida according to Ayurveda works excellent as a pain killer.

Life style changes to prevent from such tooth aches: 

       1] Brush and Gargle every time you eat solid food.
       2] Avoid eating too much of chocolates, bakery products or refined starch products like pastries, cake, biscuits.
       3] Do not eat or drink hot after cold or cold after hot. Sudden change of temperature is bad for oral health.
       4] You eat to chew and chew to eat your food.

Hope all this can help you to survive the night till you see you dentist.
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Simple Ways to Destress !!

   As humans one of silent killers of each and every individual in this world is Stress. Here are some simple ways how to cut down your stress and relax to rejuvenate. Have a look.If this presentation does not opens please click this link.   5 Minutes to Destress
View more presentations from E-SWASTYA.

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Yoga and Menstruation

Some Questions and Some Thoughts

Yoga and Menstruation has always been a topic of some kind of debate between different groups. Old customs and religious teaching spoke about restrain during those few days, while the new world speaks about doing everything that can be done in regular days. What is true and what not is always a question that has been asked all over the World Wide Web.

  Can I do yoga during menstruation cycle?
 Yes and No it all depends on you. Menstruation cycle is an important event in the life of women that happens every month from menarche to menopause as you know. It is during those daysmany hormonal changes results in different physical and mental changes in a woman. The lifestyle and habits of women’s do affect on how she faces those days. Yoga thus can be a lot relief to women’s, because of its role to work on both physical and mental aspect of the body. But wait it do have its limitation.
Limitation what are those? Why to limit?

 Yes one could not go to yoga class and do the whole class. Certain yogic poses would actually cause trouble to a women's body, thus one must be very sure of what to do and what poses not to do during those few days. Asana or Poses that includes forward bend for long time or inverted poses are to be avoided during those days. Regular Breathing, deep mediation, some sitting poses are ok to do during those days.

  Why cannot we do all those poses as taught in regular yoga class?

To answer your question one needs to understand the state of women's body during those days. The Uterus is throwing out blood, stale blood from one month period. The blood vessels in the Uterus are open during those days. Inverted poses, forward bends are some of the poses which may increase the pressure on the abdomen which in a way may oozes more blood may be fresh blood. No one wants to have heavy bleeding during those days, thus those postures are to be avoided. Poses like Salabhasana,Ustrasana
are to be avoided.

  What poses are then helpful during Menstruation?

The chief complaint of any women during menstruation cycle is bloating, cramps and the best yogic posture to work for those is Vajrasana. Simple breathing exercise, Savasana are very relaxing poses for the body and thus can be really enjoyed by the women.Light stretches of the body are also welcomed. Asanas like Upavista Konasana,Baddha Konasana are recommended by Yogis during those dew days.

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Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

So finally the days of warmth and sunlight are back. As many enjoy the arrival of the spring, I am sure many would find the same days to be nasty for health reason. Spring bring warmth and sunlight so does it meant to bring new growth of trees all around the Northern Hemisphere. New growth means the more and more amount of pollens in air and thus bringing seasonal health hazard for many individuals around the area. The season of Spring Allergies has begun officially. The sad news is that this year may be more troublesome as reported by many local news papers all around United States. Have a look at the news yourself.

Symptoms of Spring Allergies:

1] Runny Nose
2] Itchy Eyes
3] Lots of Sneeze
4] Sinusitis
5] Headache due to Sinus infection

Ways to Handle Spring Allergies :

1] Avoid going Out and take extra precaution when outdoor
2] Take flu and allergy shots
3] Take antihistamine and nasal sprays

Here are some of the most common health advices given during this period. When it comes to Natural remedies here are some easy ways to help.

Simple Natural Remedies to Fight Spring Allergies

1] Ginger Tea :
 I have spoken in regards to Ginger many times on this website and I wish to remind readers that ginger offers a lot of protection and also healing when it comes to different types of allergies. Not only Ginger does have anti inflammatory properties but it also does have anti-histamine in it which it works really well against allergies including spring time.
To have Ginger either one can have just plain ginger in food or try having a warm Ginger tea. Look out for its recipe here.

2] Garlic:
BBC published recently published a news article in regards the use of Garlic and Common cold and how helpful can this common spice could be in such conditions both in preventing and healing.
Garlic like Ginger does have anti inflammatory powers that work magic when used to treat and prevent allergies. Have a clove of garlic and boost your immune system thus preventing from such allergen attack. Choose either to have some garlic in cooking or just raw garlic both would do the trick.

3] Steam:
Hot steam with hot water and small amount of eucalyptus oil is the recipe of choice of my grandmother during such allergy attack. Eucalyptus is well known to work as anti bacterial and as a decongestant which is why it helps a lot in treating spring allergies. Try when having a congested nose and see how much better you can feel with such steam.

4] Boosting your Immune System:
For all those who suffer and are suffering with spring allergies it is very important that they should also concentrate on boosting their immune system. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meat and meat products can help a lot. Avoid eating food that is frozen or cooked prior. Seasonal fruits like Apples, Papaya, Orange, and Amala can give a good boost to your immune system.

Other than all the said natural easy homemade remedies herbal remedies like Nasya really give a good boost to protect and treat from Spring Allergies. Visit your local Ayurvedic Consultant to know more about this treatment.
Making sure that we are ready to fight the condition that we stay is one way to keep yourself fit and fine during such crazy seasons. That is what Ayurveda all about.

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The Raw Food Diet

 My Concern , My Thoughts

A sudden wave of Raw food diet is currently sweeping the Health Market. The whole idea is to consume raw foods like fruits, vegetables and may be some amount of milk and milk products. Some even refrain from having milk and milk products. It is known that the early days of such food habits to be from the days of Natropathic Medicine in Europe and surrounding countries. 
 I myself do enjoy such raw food and fruits in my diet to be frank and do would always recommend such type of habits. But the issue comes with me when one eats only and only raw food the whole time. In this article I would try to point some of my difference of opinion. Do let me know what you think on this concept. 

1] Human Evolution:
  One of the first arguments that I have against the use of raw food diet for long time is very simple and is related to over all human races. My first question is why did humans start to cook? Was it for to make certain food palatable or was it to make it more digestible.
As I search about raw food diet I found out these thoughts where conveyed by Richard Wrangham a primate researcher and professor of anthropology who argued about cooked meals to be most natural for human digestive system. He speaks about the evolution of humans from where no existence can be found for humans to be only and only eating uncooked meals. Cooking according to him seems natural tendency for humans due to weak digestive system that could not digest raw food. 

2] Geography and Food:
If you can recollect old geography lessons from your school days you would be aware that humans from different temperate region and surroundings eat different. Ayurveda speaks about digestion in relation with surrounding. Forget different regions but even in different seasons we do eat different. In cold months we eat more as our digestion is very strong during those months, while in hot months or summer we eat less as our appetite is reduced to large intake of water and juices.
If that is the case how can raw diet of just vegetables satisfy during all those different months? Would that keep a person healthy?  And then what about those crazy winter months where nature just have roots for her kids to eat. We are lucky that modern innovation can bring broccoli and other vegetables for even those in Arctic region in cold extreme conditions.
Would our great great granny eat in such a way is the question here? 

3] Health Concern:
Lastly the point that worries me the most is the health of an individual. Yes I am sure after a life style full of crazy food habits one is going to get results as soon as one starts such type of raw diet. Bloating upset stomach, irregular bowel moments are some of the common health concern seen.
As spoke in the first point digestive system of humans are not ready for such change resulting in such health issues.  How can such diet pattern help then in the long run is my question. 

My Thoughts Overall :
I personally enjoy raw food; even Ayurveda recommends it often for many different conditions. The fact is that having it as a lifestyle is the issue here. Ayurveda speaks about Moderation and that is what required even in this scenario. Have raw vegetables and juices, but do steam, boil or roast them too. Add some spices here and there and enjoy food.
Follow the rule of Moderation and one can reach their health goals. Give it a try and see...

Think about this and do feel free to write what you think? Am I thinking in the right way or no...? Do you think that eating raw food is still good? If so why help me?

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Supta Virasana

 Reclining Hero Pose
Last few weeks we are on our search for some poses that can help one relax and de stress. One such pose that appeals a lot to me and all those who work standing jobs is what is known as “Supta Virasana”. The word “Supta” means reclining while the word “Vir” means brave like a hero or having qualities like being virile in Sanskrit. Hence “Supta Virasana” or Reclining Hero Pose.

How to Do Supta Virasana ?

1] Let us start the pose right from the beginning of doing Vajrasana. Sit on the mat with both the legs kept in front and hands on the side. Keep the spine straight and erect. Shoulders relaxed.
2] Fold your right leg in the knee joint and bring your right foot just on to the side of the right buttocks. {Note the difference from the regular Vajarasna}. In the same way bring the left foot too. Keep your arms on the side.
3] Slowly exhaling we lower the back torso towards the floor. Take the help of your hands by leaning on them in the beginning. Move towards the forearm and elbows and then reach the final phase. If needed hold your lower back at the end stage.
4] Keep your arms on the side of the whole body. For more comfort one can keep both the knees a little at a distance from each other, but not more than the hips.
5] Hold the pose for around 30 seconds to 1 minute. One can gradually increase it to around 5 to 10 minutes if feeling comfortable.
6] To get up lift your body especially the torso on the hands and then slowly come out from that pose. 


1] Those having issues with knee joint and ankles should avoid doing this pose.
2] Those suffering with back pain should do this pose with some guidance only.


1] A very beneficial for those women suffering with menstrual cramps and pain.
2] Stretches the abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles.
3] Improves digestion a lot, decreases bloating
4] De stress for those who work with standing leg all the time.

Chakra Benefit:

This asana has its effects on "Svadhistana Chakra" .
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Eating Fast Food=Cocaine Addiction Studies speaks !!

The current century has been dominated by the presence of fast junk food. The use of such food has grown a lot these days and it is all blamed to lack to time to eat and too cook. One noticeable fact that one can easily tell is that once you have bite of a fast food or junk, you are again and again attracted to it. And well that is the fact. Very recent Toronto Star an important news paper in Toronto published an article comparing the role of Fast junk food to cocaine. It was an interesting piece of research, thus I thought to share with you all.
"In a recent research done by The Scripps Research Institute in Florida scientist did find the similarity between addiction of Cocaine or Nicotine or any other addictive and Fast food junk eating."
Speaking to journalist Paul Kenny told how they came to this conclusion. Rats where grouped and then decided for which group to eat what. The first group only ate healthy balanced food; the second group was feed healthy food, but had access to unhealthy food or junk food for one hour a day, while the third group where fed balanced healthy food, but had access to junk food 24/7. It was found soon that the rats in the third group developed a preference for high calorie food and munched on it all day thus becoming obese soon.
 The study came to conclusion that the over-consumption of high calorie food can trigger addiction like response in the brain and thus can turn rats into compulsive eaters. Decrease level of specific dopamine receptor, a chemical that allows the brain too knows the feeling of being rewarded was found in overweight rats in this study too. The brain here behaves very similar to the brain of those who are addicted to Cocaine and Nicotine.
Remember those days when you are alone at night time and even after a heavy meal crave some cookies or doughnut or even ice-cream. What is it after all according to the above mention research some sort of cocaine addiction condition.

The Future:

The future of human is very clear some times when it comes to food. Yes more and more of our younger generation are and would be addicted to such fast food and junk. A day soon would come when Fast food rehab would be something very commonly seen. What do you say?

What can be done?

 The answer has been given by many people on different levels , blogging community has made a huge impact on eating right food, Chefs like Jamie Oliver are making some huge changes in all the schools , The first woman of America Michelle Obama has pledge to work on Childhood Obesity, something very much connected to our topic. The question now to ask is what are you going to do? Are you going to change what you eat or not? Are we going to plan some healthy meals for us and our kids .Think about it...

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Cure Sore Throat ?

 9 Home Remedies to Cure Sore Throat

One of the commonest health conditions that one can face at least once in a lifetime is Sore Throat or also know in the medical community as Acute Pharyngitis which means inflammation of the throat or the pharynx. Discomfort in the throat, pain while swallowing some times, coughing, a need to itch the throat are some of the commonest issues faces by many during this health issue. Since ages humans have looked for easy home remedies for this condition which are even regarded by the medical profession as the number one step to fight sore throat.

  1] Hot Water Gargle:
Hot water with salt gargle has been used since long time to gargle when one faces such itchy condition. It is advised by many Vaidya that use of such gargle more so when one faces sore throat with cough and mucus secretion rather than just itchy sore throat.

2] Turmeric:
Turmeric and honey combined together to make a past and then licked every half hour has proved to very effective in controlling sore throat infection. Commonly recommended by grandmother, this remedy remains very famous in India. Anti-Inflammatory property of turmeric is well know which is known to play an important role here.

3] Licorice:
 Licorice acts as soother of the sore throat. It not just soothes the area but also work as an expectorant. Normally one may just chew on the licorice roots in India, but often in certain cases licorice powder with honey is administered to lick often when one suffers with sore throat.

4] Cardamom:
Open one or two pods of Cardamom, take those black brown seeds and roast it with small amount of black pepper. Mix this roasted combination with honey and keep on licking it all during the day when one suffers with sore throat. Black pepper fights the bacteria and viruses while cardamom soothes the throat to give magic results.

5] Garlic:
 The well known anti inflammatory spice is well known to work against sore throat. Open the clove of garlic and keep in the oral cavity a clove of garlic for as much time as you can. It is said that garlic does contain “allicin” a chemical that kills bacteria.  Yes I know the bad breathe issue....

6] Eucalyptus:
This aromatic herb is known to sooth the body muscles when applied or inhaled or in any form. The same principle works against sore throat. A nice steam of water and eucalyptus oil can work magic, same is the case with hot tea with some eucalyptus.

7] Sage:
 In one litre of hot water add some sage, and let it sit down for a while. Add some honey and then gargle this combination couple of times in one day. It is said that this combination works magic in 6 hours when one faces with sore throat. Worth a try!!

8] Ginger:
 Ginger another potent anti inflammatory, anti septic can be used successfully against Sore throat. Ginger tea recipe   has been spoken on this blog couple of times. Have for yourself. If suffering with sore throat make sure one have at least few cups of ginger tea in a day to give result.

9] Basil Tea:
 Tea made of basil leaves has been choice of many ayurvedic vaidya in India to treat and heal Sore throat. Basil leaves normally work as expectorant which is why they are enjoyed when used in sore throat. But it is also the property of basil leaves to work as anti viral, anti bacterial that makes a big difference.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Apanasana or PawanMuktasana

 Knee to Chest Pose

Currently we are focusing on some postures that might help one to relieve stress. In today's posture we would find yet another interesting way to handle body stress caused especially due to constipation. It is a known fact if  one  do not go to loo at least once in two days, that makes one feel a little at stress. The average span may vary in different individuals as some may be stress even not going for a single day, while others are totally comfortable with one bowel in three days.  But finally a need of some sort of remedy is big time searched during such conditions. The answer remains in this magic pose called as “Apanasana”.

If one recollect I have spoke when describing the different Vatta dosha in our body, the vatta governing the bowel moment is called as Apan Vayu and thus the name of the posture that helps one to release that vayu from our body is called as Apanasana or Knee to Chest Pose.

How to do this pose:
 1] Lie down on the mat on your back. Keepn your head comfortable, both the hands parallel to the body on the side, while both the legs straight resting on the mat.
2] Now inhale in and slowly lift both your legs above your hips. Make sure they are straight. The position now is both the legs perpendicular to the ground and the body.
3] Keep them in this pose for few seconds.
4] Inhale in again and this time bend our knee joint slowly and bring the knees and thigh closer to the abdomen.
5] With the help of both the hands catching hold of each other above the legs , let the knees and the thighs press the abdomen a little.
6] For those who do not suffer with neck issues, one can go further and lift the neck to touch the chin of the face to the knee joint.
7] Hold the pose for few breathes and then slowly lift the legs up and then keep them down slowly.

1]Pregnant women should not over do this pose.
2]Those who have issues with neck, try to make sure not to do the neck lift in this pose.
3]It would be nice if one consult with respective yoga teacher if one suffers with colitis as this pose might help might increase depending on the condition in such cases.


1] A gentle massage to the abdomen is given due to the pressure of thighs.
2] Aids digestion and also relieves wind or gas and bloating
3] Promotes a nice healthy bowel moment. A great pose for those who have trouble going to washroom.
4] Stretches the lower back.
5] Tones the abdomen muscles.


This pose is great for Throat Chakra.

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5 Pointers to Ask After Detoxfication

5 Questions to Let us know if we had a great Cleanse
Spring has bought on this blog different detoxification topics that I have never written before. We spoke about the need of such detoxification during spring and last month we also had a chance of seeing different options one can have for such cleanse. The question that I always like to ask my clients after such cleanse which I would ask you too is how to know that you had a good cleanse. No ECG or blood works can give you the proofs that it was a good cleanse. Again I have noted many different detoxes where instead of feeling fresh one is often suffering with pain and nausea some times. How can we know that it was a good detox?
Here in this article I have some pointers for you about different things to observe and ask yourself after you detox:

1] Are you Hungry? Do you digest real well after your detox?

Any detoxification process would lead to increase functioning of the liver and other glands assisting the digestions. Thus the first effect of a good detox would be increase appetite and increase digestion. One may be hungry at meal times and not more than that, and also eating a lot well. It is thus advised that even after a good cleanse it is good to observe what we eat and try to eat as healthy as possible.

2] Are you fresh? Do feel that you are renewed being?

Living in a clustered house, one day when you clean that entire cluster what would be your feeling. Do you feel the house to renewed and fresh? Even after it being the same old house, and you the same person still it’s a nice feeling. This is the same feeling that one need to get after you had a good detoxification. Feeling of nausea might stay for a day or two sometimes after detox, but after those initial days are you feeling renewed or no?

3] Do you feel you have a ton of energy at your disposal suddenly?

 A healthy appetite, healthy digestion brings a sudden increase of energy for you after a nice detox. Are you having that boost in energy? Are you feeling fresh and boosted after such detox? Some detox might make you tired for the first or the second day like fasting, but after the initial days of rest one might have a great amount of energy.

4] Do you feel that you can smell better or taste better?

 Ayurveda speaks about increased sense organ power after a nice detoxification. A real nice and good cleanse can show one of this results with you. I would like to know if you have felt this way, do let us know too. You can smell we know, but after such cleanse one can really smell small things or see the vision increased for perfection or one can hear even a pin drops.
Have you felt in this way? Let us know too...

5] Is your brain fresh and full or energy too?

Although we are doing a body cleanse most of cleanses do also work on our brains and mind. The fatigue of the brain that we typical see after a whole day work at the office can be refreshed with a nice rest in the night time. But as days process even that can get a little bit concentrated leading to mental fatigue. After detox one need to see this same mental fatigue disappearing. Does your mind come with new ideas or work with issues with new power after such cleanse.

So do you or your health practitioners look and ask you such questions after cleanse? Do you feel few points out of all that I have mentioned after a nice cleanse? Why do not you write out for me and all the community?

Posted by Sudeep
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