Monday, March 8, 2010


 Warrior Pose-3
While doing some of the standing poses we have encountered and learned two different variation of the Warrior pose or known as Virbhadarasana. Today in this pose we would take a closer look on doing another variation of the same pose with a just small amount of balancing involved.

How to do Virbhadarasana -3?

1] Follow all the steps required to come to the stage where you are in a position of Virbhadarasana -1. At this movement one has kept one leg in front bend in the knee joint, while the other leg is straight. Both the arms are perpendicular to the ground and the palms are touching to each other. One has the vision looking in front and breathing in and out. This remains the pose where one is said to stay in the first pose of Virbhadarasana-1.

2] Now slowly inhale in and exhaling bend forward from your hips so that your torso, arms comes parallel to the ground. Keep your one leg extended and firm on the ground. Try not to lift the heel of that extended leg from the ground.
3] Now slowly inhaling in slowly shift the body weight on the leg with the bend knee joint. The knee joint is still a little forward in this case. As you shift the body weight lift the extended leg up from the ground to balance it on the leg with the forward knee.
4] Slowly bring the leg with knee joint forward to be perpendicular to the ground, while the other leg that is in air to be parallel to the ground. Thus now you are holding your whole body weight on one foot.
5] Balance the pose either with keeping your eyes and head facing downward or if comfortable maintain and eye to eye contact with a point in front of you which every works.
6] Hold the pose for 2 to 4 breaths and see how you feel.
7] One can slowly come down and do it on the opposite side too...


1] Those suffering with high blood pressure should try to avoid this pose.
2] Those suffering with ankle joint injury should also be careful while doing this pose.
3] The position of the head and the eyes during the end stage of this pose completely depends on how comfortable one is with the eye contact. But maintain concentration while doing this poses especially with the eyes to keep the balance.
4] Some teachers recommend the opening of the arms instead of keeping the arms straight in front... Again see what comforts you and try it.


1] Improves the sense of balance and posture.
2] Strengthen the muscles of the thigh, and the ankle joint..
3] Strengthen the back muscles.
4] A good pose to tone the abdomen.


This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

Posted by Sudeep
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