Monday, March 1, 2010

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

Extended Hand to Big Toe pose 
Our search for more and more balancing poses takes us to another interesting pose called as “Utthita Hasta Padangustasana” or Extended Hand to Big Toe pose. The basic of this pose remains very similar to the poses that we have done earlier namely Garduasana or the Eagle pose and the Tree pose or Vrksasana. “Utthita” or Extended in Sanskrit while the word “Hasta” means hand, “pad” means foot and “angusta” means toes thus the name of the pose as “Utthita Hasta Padangustasana”.

How to do this Pose?

1] Stand in Tadasana and feel the surface properly under you feet.
2] Inhale in and slowly bring your left knee closer to your stomach.
3] With your left hand catch hold of your left big toe or the foot. In the very early stage one can use straps instead of hand to get comfortable with this pose.
4] For the standing leg make sure your leg is strong to bear the weight of the whole body now. Fix it to the ground; adjust the way the right leg now stands.
5] Slowly extended your left knee and your hand so that you can reach the actual position. Breathe in and out slow and steady.
6] Hold this pose for 2 to 4 breathes in the beginning and then slowly increase it.
7] Bring the left foot on the ground and now do it for your right foot.


1] If one suffers with ankle and low back injuries make sure to avoid this pose.
2] As I have always said with balancing poses make sure one concentrate towards a point in front and then try the whole pose, it gets easier to balance.
3] One might wanted to take help of the wall or something while doing this pose for the very first time.


1] Improves Balance of the body and the Mind.
2] Give strength to the legs and the thighs.
3] Strengthen the lower back.
4] Increases concentration in the doer.


This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

 Posted By Sudeep

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