Monday, March 15, 2010


Chair Pose

Today we take a small break from all the balancing poses and just do a very simple pose that would help us lot. It is a sheer mistake that I missed this pose before all the balancing poses especially those where we balance in standing position as this pose really works on strengthening our ankles and thighs. The pose that we are going to learn today is called as Utakatasana or Chair pose. The word “Utakat” means Powerful or fierce in Sanskrit which is name for the benefits that this poses gives for the doer. The English name is pretty much because of shape the body undergoes when doing the pose like a chair, thus the name Chair pose.

How to do this Utakatasana?

1] Start this pose by standing in Tadasana.
2] Inhale in and slowly lift both your arms so they are perpendicular to the ground above your head. The palms of the hand are facing each other and connected as if forming the namsate symbol on the top of your head. Keep the arms as straight as possible.
3] Now inhale and exhale and slowly try to bend you knee joint as much as you can without lifting heals from the floor.
4] Your torso may lean forward a little bit, but keep your abdomen inside and the back straight.
5] Hold this pose for 3 to 4 breaths and then coming back repeat the steps again for some time.


Personally I feel this pose can be done by every single person and with no restriction. Some teachers do suggest a word of caution for those who suffer with low blood pressure and insomnia. One is completely free to try this pose and then decide for them self for what they feel I may add up.


1] This pose remains the best for working in Flat feet.
2] Stretches the Achilles tendon and strengthen the thigh muscles.
3] Tones and strengthen the muscles of the back
4] Good for those women who are pregnant.
5] Aids digestion and elimination.
6] Promotes body ailment and good posture.


This asana works on the Muladhara Chakara or the Base Chakara.

Posted by Sudeep
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