Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Detox

For the last couple days we here in Ontario are having a really great climate. The days starts with nice sun outside full of warmth resulting in melting of the ice. Here is the official arrival of spring here in Ontario. I am sure many areas in North America sooner or later would see such changes happening. Being a Health Practitioners come spring the first question that is pointed all the time by client’s remains what would be the best Spring Detox? Is it really needed? The question that I really look forward from people is why is the need of this detox?

Why one should Detox in Spring?

While pondering this question I came upon an article from Toronto Star a leading daily newspaper which speaks something about the need of spring detox just in very enlarge scenario. Feel free to have a look at the article here . It speaks of a theory put forward by biologist that this cleansing process is because of the primal impulse of the melatonin hormone present in our body. Large part of time during cold winters is in darkness. it is at that time melatonin hormone  governs the body , but the sun bring forward the changes in the body decreasing the effects of melatonin that makes us awakened to a feeling of muckiness. This feeling makes us to clean our house and surrounding area during such spring days, but also a need to clean our body.

Ayurveda speaks of such detox the need of hour because of the so called lifestyle that we adapt during the cold winter months. Remember due to the coolness in the atmosphere we tend to have a great appetite making us eat a lot. It is the need of the season that we indulge in eating rather than diet during such month. Another factor that comes during those months are different celebrations all around the world, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Diwali {Festival of Light} and many more bring a lifestyle where we are bound to indulge in food that we normally would have restricted.

According to the Science of Life:  Ayurveda  its all due to particular  food we consume and  lifestyle maintain one tend to increase one’s Kapha Dosha. The height of accumulation of this dosha is reached during the months of spring. And then due to the warmth of the sun and the surrounding weather one can find the accumulated Kapha dosha showing its presence in some form of illness or so during the spring months. Have a history of Asthma, sinusitis, Arthritis and see that sometimes it gets flared up during these early months of spring. It is the due to this imbalance of the Kapha dosha that can be seen here in our body, not just for sick individuals, but also in each and every individual.
Ayurveda speaks that it is wise to let go of this accumulated Kapha to enjoy the maximum benefit of life and thus suggest different Detox or Panchakarma or PK during such days.

Healthy or Unhealthy it is the need of the hour to detox and that is the truth of this lovely season. So get up and ask your naturopath or Vaidya for a nice detox that can help you have a nice spring detox. What do you say?

Do you have thoughts to share on the same lines? Let us know in the comment section... Your comments are always welcome!!!

Posted By Sudeep 

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