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Corpse Pose  
It is a moment in every one’s yoga routine when a need arises to just calm both your physical and mental body. That is the exact moments that one can try this immensely popularly pose that is called as Corpse pose of “Savasana” also known as “Mrtasana”. The “Sava” here means a dead person or corpse same is the meaning of the word “Mrta” and this names in Sanskrit as Savasana and Mrtasasana. The does tries to copy the way and feel of a dead person thus restricting the movements of both physical body and mental mind.

How to perform Savasana?

1] Lie down on your back full length on the mat. Make sure you are comfortable as much as possible. Keep your arms aside from the body, both the legs apart from each other.
2] Arms should be apart from the body and palms of both the arms should be facing upward in a very relaxed pose.
3] Make yourself as comfortable as possible; if it’s cold have a blanket or something on top of you to cover. Loosen your pants if you do wear something very tight on the waist.
4] Before starting the pose close your eyes. One can even wear eye shades or piece of cloth to keep your eyes from bright light.
5] As you starts this pose inhale in and out and make sure you are with each and every breathe.
6] Understand that you start this pose with fast shallow breathe, but slowly you would proceed in to a state of slow deep breathing. Follow that.
7] Be with your breathe all the time. Follow the rhythm!!
8] One can restrain the physical body for this part of the pose, but the hard part is to restrain the minds from moving a lot. It is common in the early phase. Try to work out on that.
To follows one breathe would be the easiest way that your mind can stay still and not think of anything else.
9] Stay in this pose for around 15 to 30 minutes.
10] It is encourage that when coming out from this pose one can slowly turn towards the side and then sit in  Padmasana full or half.


1] The relaxing nature of the pose makes many to fall asleep in this pose. Try not to. Do not sleep!!
2] Make sure your mind does not wonder all around. Do not think too much of all the frugal topics of life.


1]The Oldest book of yoga Hatta Yoga Pradipika speaks about benefits of this pose as a pose to remove fatigue caused by all the other asana done before. Thus this pose remains a great pose to finish the class.
2] A really good pose to help those who suffer with depression headache and other stress disorders.
3] A good pose to lower blood pressure and other related health condition.
4] Relaxes the body and the mind.


 A pose that works on Vissudha or the Throat chakra.

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