Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maple Syrup

8 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Last Sunday we had a chance to the visit the local Maple Syrup Festival in Warkworth, Ontario, Canada. The arrival of spring brings the harvest of Maple trees in North America and many European countries. Maple syrup is basically a viscous amber liquid with very earthy sweet taste is basically made from the sap of sugar black or red maple tree.
I have not read a lot about this sap in any of Ayurvedic books, but for sure many Natives have been using this syrup in some sort of medicinal use for sure.  How is Ayurveda going to view this syrup?  Here are some the known medicinal properties of this syrup.

1] One thing is very clear that this syrup is one of the natural states of sugar to be found in Mother Nature. Although concentrated this syrup can be a healthy alternative for sugar. The processing of this syrup hardly requires any chemicals including preservatives and thus this natural sugar form could be at its very natural state.
2] Original known by the local natives of North America this syrup has been known to have properties that can work on liver and kidneys.
3] Research is still under way about the known benefit of this syrup on pancreas. It is said that maple syrup contain polyphenols as well as phytohormone known as abscisic acid which helps pancreas in producing insulin. So yes it can be consumed by diabetic individuals too.  
4] It is known that it contains manganese an important co-factor in energy production and antioxidant defense in our human body.
5] Zinc is yet another nutrient found in maple syrup which has many functions for healing our body.  Zinc supports our reproductive health with special benefit to males.
6] It is well known that low level of zinc in prostate is a warning for facing from prostate cancer. Thus consuming this syrup one nourishes ones body with zinc and their prostate in a way.
7] The syrup is also known to decrease the progression of atherosclerosis due to zinc present in it. Thus can be really a boon for heart patients.
8] Endothelial damage caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol and other oxidized fats can be prevented by consuming the syrup as it contains zinc.

In my practice I have started using this syrup basically as an catalyst to give herbs especially when it comes to treat clients with issues of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. May some other time I would write more in detail why I am using it in this way.

Any thoughts how you use Maple syrup? Have you used this syrup other than cooking as a form of medicine in any condition? Are you a diabetic using this syrup for a long time? How do you feel then using it?  Please feel free to share. May be your information might be very useful for others.

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