Friday, March 5, 2010

Eat Less and Live Longer !!

Since ages we humans have been looking for answers on how to stay longer. Different Civilizations in the olden days had their own traditions and rituals that they thought might promote one to live as long as possible. Scientists have been working on the same notion too following different research on that line. The first success came in the research with rats where it was seen that those rats that where feed less calories than other increase lifespan. In very recent development Time magazine ran another important article in their health section speaking about this same topic. The story speaks about a research that is undergoing called as Comprehensive Assessment of Long Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy {CALARIE} at Tufts University in Boston. One theory why one lives longer because of eating less states that the state of slight hunger act as a mild but constant stressor that makes an organism stronger and more resistant to ills of aging.

Now what interests me is something else in that whole concept which I am trying to put forward in front of you. Yes we all knew about this, what do you say? Since ages we have been advised by our mothers and elders in the house about how much to eat. If I recollect my mom constantly spoke about eating a little less than what one can eat. In Japan the concept that is part of the society is to eat only 80% of what one can eat. 

Classification of Stomach According to Ayurveda

Similarly in Ayurveda we speak about dividing the stomach in three parts. It is said that to have a healthy lifestyle one should divide the stomach in 3 parts. Half of the stomach should be full with food, while quarter would be full with water and keep the rest quarter empty for the food and the water to mix together. Isn't it a very nice concept?

So Friends if you want yourself to stay healthy and live longer try to cut down your meal a little. Feasible right... what do you say?

 Posted by Sudeep
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