Wednesday, March 31, 2010

9 Tips for Healthy Hairs

While visiting the State of Kerala, India one hardly fails to observe the long beautifully maintain hairs of most of the women's there. Ample of time to take care was our thought for women’s in rural South India, but we were shocked when we saw it even in urban cities. What could be the reason for such long hairs has genetic to do anything with it? Can any person around the globe follow certain tips to have such hairs? Forget about long hairs, what matters more was the condition of the hairs. One needs to understand that the first thing that comes to notice about any person is one’s hairs and its condition. The need to keep one’s hairs clean and maintain is not just the requirement of women folk, but also for the men folk around.
Here are few pointers that could help you in any way:

1] Hair Wash:
 Experts recommends washing the hairs regularly, they prefer lukewarm water rather than hot water or even cold water. The temperature of the water does affect your hair roots and thus affecting the overall growth.

2] Avoid from Sun, Wind, Dust, and Cold:
 Care should be taken to keep hairs covered from excess sunlight or heat, excess wind, dust and even cold wind. Summer or winter whatever is the season it is advised to cover the hair with scarf or hat or cap at least when in open surrounding.

3] There is nothing as such as Natural Shampoo:
 Do not get fooled by the word Natural Shampoo.... When it is shampoo it has to have chemicals in it, and preservatives which can damage your hairs in long run. Do shampoo your hairs if you do not have any other alternative, but do not over shampoo them too.

4] Massage your Hairs and Scalp:
Head massage especially the scalp with coconut oil is a very important aspect of day to day life of every one in Southern India.  Coconut oil in Ayurveda is regarded a very healthy oil for hair growth. It also helps the hairs to shine a lot.

5] Avoid Spicy and Oily food:
 This is very known fact for those who take hair care as a serious topic; spicy food and oily food both consumed in excess amount can do damage to the hair follicles and roots and thus affecting hair growth.

6] Dye:
Humans have dyed the hairs from very long time. Different herbs and animal products where used for such reason in history. Unluckily synthetic dyes do not show that much mercy on our hairs. Damage done to the hairs is more troublesome than actual help. Thus it is always advised to avoid excessive dyeing of hairs.

7] Using Blow dryer:
 Avoid using blow dryer for a long time at one point of the hair. Even when drying off the hairs with towel a little gentleness is called for. It is for your hair roots rather than anyone else.

8] Herbs for you Hairs:
Two herbs are well known when it comes to taking care of hairs. Eclipta Alba also known in Sanskrit as Bhringaraj is a common component in many different hair care oils and products. It is said according to Ayurveda that this herbs nourishes the hairs as well as increases resistance to stress. Another herb that works very similarly is Brahami or Gotu Kola which is also seen in many hair products.

9] Caffeine Products:
 Excessive coffee, tea or even pop can affect your hairs in a bad way. It is thus advised to avoid excessive caffeine products or soda to have great hairs.

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