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5 Ways to Detox This Spring

Spring is the time to Detox and the reason we all know now...If you are new to this post have a look at the following post why to detox in Spring and your doubt would be  solved. Now once we have decided to cleanse the question arises what are our methods are we going to follow to cleanse. The Market is full of hundreds and hundreds of articles and ideas to cleanse what is best for you? This question can only answered by you and your naturopath or Vaidya and the time you have and the money one can invest in such cleanse. Here in this article I try to point certain detoxification methods that are known to give us good results. Again it would be great if one take the consult of your Vaidya or Naturopath for such process...

1] Fasting:

 Fasting remains one of the oldest methods and one of the best known to detox or cleanse. Many religions have added fasting as a method not just for bodily cleanse but even as a form of mental and spiritual cleanse such is the value of Fasting as a detox. In my post Why to fast today? I have spoken about different benefits of fasting; have a peek over those benefits if you can. The idea to fast is about not depriving the body of food, but giving the body enough to sustain. Thus one meal a day can be the ideal way to fast.  One needs to do more than one such fast to get the best result.

2] Castor Oil:

Another way to detox can be through the use certain herbs that can actually cleanse your digestive system like Castor Oil. Ayurveda speaks of the benefits of this oil not just as a stomach cleanser or purgative action, but also its role in cleansing the liver and spleen. Taking the oil once every week remains very common with many health conscious people all around the world. Try having it and see the difference. Here are some of the benefits of using Castor oil pointed in one of the article.

3] The Master Cleanse:

 A very safe method to detoxify that has been a hot favourite of many people around the globe is the Master Cleanse Diet. Master Cleanse or Lemonade diet has been the brain child of Stanley Burroughs. The whole diet consists of a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. One need to drink at least 8 litres of such water combination for a period ranging from one to three days .Not only this diet have shown good results in weight loss, but also it has shown results in increasing one's energy, decrease fatigue and increase appetite. Loss of toxins from both mind and the body are achieved from this diet too. Have a look to the actual diet on their website here.

4] Hydro-Colon Therapy:

 One of the most new coming cleanse available for many westerners is the hydro colon cleanse. Although myself I have some reservation for this type of cleanse still it remains one of the most well known and enjoyed cleanse out of all. Cleansing is achieved with the help of distilled water flowed in your rectum with the help of special machines and then thrown back while monitoring the input and output. One may require more than one sitting in certain cases.
Beware: Do get fool with coffee enemas and suppository, and unhygienic conditions.

5] Herbal Cleanser:

 Modern Naturopaths and researchers have bought together some new information’s in regards to different old herbs. Herbs that can act as cleanser for specific organ, specific condition, like the work of cilantro in metal and lead poisoning, dandelions to cleanses the liver and kidney so and so.
Specific cleanses of a organ can be suggested by your health consultant by taking such herbs or spices regularly in our diet in small or large quantity. It is important that one need to constantly re-verify and re check the actual results achieved due to such cleanses.

So what type of detox are you thinking about? Any one of the above or do you have some thing else in mind? Why do not you let others know if you are doing any specific detox this spring? 

 Posted By Sudeep

More Information on Detoxfication can be found here :

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