Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 Home Remedies to Cure Constipation


The fast paced world has bought one thing to change its course and that is our bowel moments. The more and more one gets involved in the new ways, the more and more of one might see facing this dreadful health conditions called as Constipation. It is also well known that in different health conditions like Cancer one may see Constipation as one of the symptom. Infrequent bowel moment, sometimes difficulty during defecation, and in some cases sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation remains some the chief conditions when facing Constipation. To have a descant bowel moment remains the prime motto for many facing with such issues.

Here in this article I like to present 10 simple ways that can trigger a health bowel moment.

1] Get Moving:
Sedentary lifestyle is one the most important cause of Constipation. Hence get up from your chair and just walk a while.. One may see amazing results with walking either outside or even in your own office. Get moving to have a bowel moment!!

2] Hot water:
 Elders in India would often suggest one simple home remedy for constipation. Drinking Hot water!! Try couple of sips in the morning and one may see amazing results. Heat is said to increase peristaltic movements of the intestine thus recommended.

3] Work Out:
Exercise is known to remove toxins both physical and mental body. Thus the best way to have a nice bowel moment would be after having a nice work out session. Try Gym, cardio or even swimming or cycling, any of those activities done according to your age group can help one out.

4] Massage the Abdomen:
 If you are in rural India many would suggest a small nice massage on your abdomen stimulate a healthy bowel moment. Try it yourself  life on your back and with your own hand with circular motion going clockwise massage a little bit on the belly and see the difference. If possible apple some warm oil on the abdomen too.

5] Yoga:
 Many asana in yoga where one have to work on the stomach as in forward bend can really help if suffering with constipation. Asana like Padangusthasana, Paschimottasana,Bhujangasana Take a look and try to do those asana to get relief from the issues.

6] Prunes /Black Raisins/Figs:
 Have your every tried soaking some prunes or black raisins and then consuming them in the morning. Both prunes and raisins have properties that might help from constipation.

7] Dandelion Tea:
 The property of the roots of dandelion to work on the liver and flush the toxins also makes it helpful to clean your bowel moment. Try having a hot dandelion tea when facing constipation.

8] Flax seeds:
High dietary fiber is the main reason why this seeds are so famous for their use for constipation. Try having some handful of them in your cereal for your morning breakfast or have some flax seeds oil in your diet.

9] Psyllium
 Psyllium husk is yet another fiber that one can keep in our diet to get relief form constipation. It is not just for dietary fiber, but also because of the property of this seeds to increase mucilage content which works as stool softener helping to have a good bowel moment.

10]Castor Oil:
One of the commonest remedy used in most of the countries in the old days to get relief from this condition was Castor oil . Even today this oil proves to be a boom for those who suffer regularly with this condition. Castor oil not just provides the lubrication in the colon, but also it increases peristalsis movements thus inducing bowel.

Do you have any more ideas to cure constipation with simple home remedies I would love to hear them... why do not you write in the comment section to share..

Posted by Sudeep
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