Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seedless: Some thoughts on Infertility

I do not know about you, but at least when buying grapes I buy them with seeds. Seedless grapes just do not go well with me. I love that small amount of bitter taste in mouth as I eat the sweet and sour grapes. Do not you think it is amazing living in the 21 century and producing vegetables and fruits choosing what we want in them and what we do not want? Seedless grapes, large huge potatoes and pumpkins and what not!! Yes it does feed the stomach and the taste, but what about health. Any relation of such seedless food in our diet with decrease of sperm counts of males all around the world. 

Seeds as I see are basically small chips of genetic material of two plants which are bought together to produce a new plant at a right time. It is often seen that in a plant not just the roots or the barks or the fruit is healthy and nutritious, but even seeds do have specific health benefits. Take the example of Pumpkin seeds

One of the fundamental principle of Ayurveda ; “A quality that is present in nature like in fruit or seeds when consumed would increase the same quality in your own body”. What it means is if you want to increase muscles in your body, then eat animals containing muscles rather just bones.  If this is the case what about seeds, what are they nourishing in our bodies. 
“A quality that is present in nature like in fruit or seeds when consumed would increase the same quality in your own body” Ayurveda
In times when the know-how of vitamin and minerals was still distant future, the science of living Ayurveda has been answering many questions in abstract. According to Ayurveda seeds tend to increase our own seeds in our body if we consider the rule above. Even our seeds do contain the right genetic material to make our kids same as the seeds from plants. Then eating seedless what about that now....

Journal of Urology published an article speaking about decrease sperm counts in human male over the last few years. While many women’s should have noticed by now that they tend to have early menopause than their mom’s or grand moms. What is this?  Decrease sperms, early menopause ... is it something to do with decrease of seeds in our diet. 

Do you see any co-relation here? Do you understand what I am trying to convey? Convey your thoughts if possible, whatever they might be. I may be wrong interpreting Ayurveda. Let me know? 

Any  Thoughts, Be my guest and share it ?

Posted by Sudeep

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