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Review: The Mayo Clinic Diet

"Eat well, Enjoy Life, Lose weight"

When it comes down to New Year Resolution, weight loss is counted as the Number 1 Resolution. The weight loss market is huge and often one is confused with what to follow and whom to follow. Different types of diets, different regimes and different ideas are always recommended by prominent people all across the world. For lay man as I visualize it is often hard to understand what to follow and what not. One of my friends following my last month post on resolutions asked me to review few diets if possible. Here is post that is for all those who wanted to understand a Diet pattern before trying it, its pros and cons.

The Mayo Clinic Diet
Obesity remains the number 1 issue in North America not just in adults but now even in teenagers and childhood. Mayo clinic one of the number one  research medical institution in North America  cannot just sit hands on hands facing this epidemic. This book is the research of those scientists, doctors at Mayo clinic who worked to keep obesity under control. Speaking about this book Donald Hensrud,M.D Medical-Editor-in-chief of this books says that “the hunger of peoples to have a good diet to help lose weight remain the inspiration behind working on this book and diet”.

What is store for you?
 This book is divided in three thoughts, first it speaks about losing weight, second how to live after you lost weight and lastly all the extra stuff that comes with losing weight. In the losing weight section it speaks about habits one need to entertain and habits one need to restrain. Habits like eating healthy fats are advised to be added in our lifestyle, while habit like watching television and eating food has to be restrained. Exercise or walking is an habit that one must develop while following this diet.
Speaking of living this diet this book speaks about many things including setting goals, daily calorie dairy is taught. Pictures given in the book speak more than thousand words. How to keep your meal proportion has been really nicely told with help of pictures in this book.
The extra stuff of the book deals with general information in regards to weight loss like Body mass index and calories and what they all are. This is also the part of the book which speaks about behavioral changes that one goes through when dieting and how to keep motivated.  Obstacles that one faces during weight loss and keeping on this diet are all spoken and nicely explained in this section.
Lastly part of this book devotes to different healthy recipes and different methods of burning fats by aerobics and other exercise.

Pros of This Diet:
1] My very first thought after going through the pages of this book was this diet seems very easy and it’s doable.
2] Very simplified explanation is something that some may very much like about this book.
3] Simple habits of humans well observed and used for weight loss.
4] This is a diet that not just speaks about losing weight, but also speaks about living after that initial weight loss. Actually that interested me more than anything.
5] Another point that I really appreciate is the part of handling obstacles. What to eat when traveling, do not like vegetables, and many more questions are answered. The part how to deal with behavior when one would break the habits and change and what to do in that circumstance should be read for sure.

Cons of this Diet:
1] The biggest critic of this book would be its easy explanation, often said on internet as kinder garden style explanation.
2] In this whole book one would find that nothing is new in this book, all is known by us, it was just not used in this style.

Final thoughts:
Eat well, Enjoy Life, Lose weight here is a very simple yet attractive statement from the book that would catch many eyes and thus attract readers to this book for sure as I was. I know that losing weight is a hard ritual and need perseverance, but still reading this book and if one follows this may enjoy life and still lose weight.

Posted by Sudeep

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