Monday, February 1, 2010


Eagle Pose 

From last week we started all yogic asanas which are said to work on the Ajna Chakra or the Third eye. This poses would work well to increase one’s concentration. I am sure many of you would have enjoyed the Tree pose , Let us move forward and do another balancing pose which though might look hard can be easy if you are practicing the tree pose over time.

In today’s' post we are going to learn more about how to do Garudasana. “Garuda” or Eagle as in Sanskrit and thus the English word for this pose is Eagle pose. Eagle the bird which is known for its vision in the Nature kingdom has been associated with this pose as this pose requires a focus as of the Eagle to balance properly.

How to do this pose:
1] To start this pose one need to be standing in the basis standing position namely Tadasana.
2] Bend you both knees as you stand on both the feet.
3] Now slowly bring your left leg to cross over the right knee joint. Try to wrap your left foot over the right calf if possible.
4] Bend your elbows and bring them parallel to your shoulder joint.
5] Cross the left arms over the right arm, so that the left arm would be resting on the right arm.
6] Move the right forearm and cross it in front of the left forearm so that both of your palms can touch together.
7] Balance your whole body in this pose with your eye focused at the arms intersection.
8] Come back to Tadasana and continue doing it on the opposite side too.

1] Hey when I was new this pose was the trickiest of all... full of mumble and jumble... but try and try till one successes.
2] Understand that the balance of your body depends on your concentration and nothing else.
3] When in this pose make sure you squeeze both the arms tightly.
4] Try not to do this pose if one is pregnant.
5] Those who have suffered with health conditions like fracture of the legs or knee joint or feet, should try this pose with help of yoga teachers or expert.

  1. Increases Concentration of the doer.
  2. Stimulates the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye
  3. Tones the muscles of the legs and the arms.
  4. It is said to be benefit even those who suffer with Asthma and Sciatica.

Chakra Effect:
 This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

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