Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Yoga

We in Ontario celebrate today as Family day. In very recent years the third Monday of February has been declared as Family day by the Premier of Ontario province. Although this custom is not new for the world as many other countries do have such types of Family day all around the world. Being Monday and we normally speak about Yoga I thought it would be nice to speak on the same lines with reference of family day.
 It was very recent that I landed in a class where I got the opportunity to teach three generation of a family grandmother, her daughter-in law and her granddaughter. Soon I found out that three of them had been doing yoga for a long time together attending at least once class in a month or so. While chatting with them I did understood what they achieved by doing so. Family Yoga would be the name of the yoga some marketing genius would say so..... What is important is that yes they did achieve a lot from such practices.
On this family day here are 5 reasons why you should be doing yoga with your family:

1] Spending Some Quality Time:
Today the world we are in, most of the families are although together still we all know that most of us are in their own world. Electronic distractions, face book twitter, phones rules the world even when sitting together. It would for once a nice change to be together and spend some quality time with each other doing yoga.

2] Discipline:
It is amazing what yoga does to you and your body. Slowly and slowly as you start doing yoga many should have seen changes happening in themselves. Our breathing, our posture our simple moments, the way we think and speak everything gets a humble touch.  Yes yoga can teach you discipline and just imagine about having such nice discipline in each one of your family member. What do you think?

3] The Big Trust Factor:
 My years of teaching yoga have taught me one thing; it takes a lot to show one's physical weakness in front of others. It is this weakness which when exposed in front of your family would increase the big trust factor between each and every family member.  Trust as you all know plays a very important part between couples, between members of the family. To build this bond of trust would be something that everyone would like to have. Yoga would help you achieve that!!

4] Motivation:
When doing yoga one normally keeps on improving one’s skills, but at the same time one also motivates others constantly. A healthy mom would give an example for herself in front of her kids and husband and thus motivate them to work and stay healthy. Parents doing yoga together even in front of small kids have seen the result of motivating even toddlers to copy them and do some yoga.

5] Family Health:
Family is defined as group of people staying together bonded by either blood or some kind of relationship between each others. In a way everyone in the family remains responsible for the whole physical, mental and spiritual development of the whole family in general.  Doing yoga together can make that difference in your family.

So the next time may be even today or coming Sunday decide for a nice time , switch of the phone , shut the computers off and for an hour of two have a nice yoga class. Do not need to go for a class, one may even watch a DVD, or let your daughter who loves doing yoga lead the class and see the effects on your family as a whole.

Ohh do not forget to share with us how your felt ... Waiting for your comments.

Happy Family Day !!!

Posted By Sudeep 

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