Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Day : Some Thoughts

Family Day is been celebrated third Monday of February ever since 2007 in Ontario, Canada. It has been quiet late in one way that the province declared it as a public holiday. Many province such as Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan had family day holidays long time back. This tradition of declaring family day started from the State of Arizona since 1978, while other many countries have followed that tradition such as Australia, South Africa.
We {me and my wife} moving from India hardly understood the need of such a day to be frank. Rather we both thought that if India would think of declaring such day it might be every day. Why it is important for governments of different country need to declare such days like family day? 
My work with people in North America gave an idea to all my questions. Knowing the people and understanding their lifestyle and knowing the habits made me realize why government need to take that decision to have a family day.
Family life revolves here in a very different way; a family of four hardly would have a meal together. Even if they are on the table  it would be that the one of the partner cooking , while the other though on table engrossed with blackberry or laptop{ipad may be soon} , while kids busy doing the same. What was more devastating to hear from some clients is that many times each one of them cooked separately for themselves and ate different times.  Well I am not surprised that even some families do behave the same in India too.
Friends where are we heading now? Though we do have great life quality than our ancestors enjoyed, but what about our mental health, social health, family health? To define overall health does all this matters or no?
I do not have answers for all this questions? Do you have them?  Couple of months ago Leo Babuta from Zen Habits wrote a very interesting article. The answer lies within this post. Each and every point might change us and allow us to enjoy days like Family day each and every day. I would love if my readers would read this and try to follow this article, not just for you but for your family. 

Posted by Sudeep

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