Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arthritis- 5 Tips to Fight Pain

It is said that over 70 % of old people in North America suffer from this condition which remains more painful rather than dangerous called as Arthritis. Arthritis a word that comes from two Greek words “arthro” which means joint and “itis” meaning inflammation. It is said that their are100 different types of arthritis but the most common one's are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pain remains one of the commonest symptoms of this condition and can remain a trouble for many. Here are some tips on reducing this pain for all those who suffer with Arthritis.

1] Move Move Move!!!

In a recent National Survey reported that over 50% of people those who suffer with Arthritis are inactive. The report further said that it has been proven than inactivity can actually worsen the pain rather than help. Moving of each joint of the body for at least 5 to 10 times a day an exercise recommended by me even for the senior citizens works really magic when used for reducing pain in this condition. If you like walking or swimming one can do that but the magic is to move rather than sit and let the pain take control of you.

2] Applying Oil

 According to the wisdom of the ancient science of living Ayurveda, applying oil really works magic in reducing the pain. Different types of herbal oil can be prescribed by your Vaidya. One can even apply just plain warm sesame seed oil or castor oil on the affected joints. One is aware that when suffering with especially Osteoarthritis the cartilage between the two joints have worn out and thus one can feel the pain. The idea of applying oil on such joint in Ayurveda is all on the bases of nourishing those joints which do have worn out cartilages, in a way it like giving a little bit of lubrication.

3] Heat Therapy

Apply something hot has been advised for many conditions since ages. During the ancient times many cultures used what they had in abundance as hot stone or hot meat to reduce pain and inflammation. So be it... Why not use the same idea for pain reduction. Apply some warm sand or even hold some hot pad on our joints to see the magic effect of pain relief.

4] Ginger Tea

I am a big fan of Ginger for its multiple uses as a healing herb and also as a great spice. A known alkaloid present in this herb called as “gingerol” works as an anti-inflammatory agent thus reducing inflammation. This action thus remains a big boon to many people who suffer with arthritis. I have always recommended my clients to have at least one or two cups of ginger tea if suffering with such painful arthritis. The recipe of Ginger tea is shared here.

5] Flax seeds

 I have spoken about this seeds couple of days from now in my post on Healthy Snacks for winter. These seeds and its oil are full of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This is very similar to omega-3 fatty acid in reducing inflammation and thus the known use of this seeds in pain reduction in Arthritis. One of the best ways to use Flax seeds for helping one reduce the pain here is by just having some seeds in diet. It is well known during ancient times that poultice made of this seeds when heated reduces pain in joints if suffering from arthritis.

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