Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Tips to Reduce Childhood Obesity

In a very recent development for the last couple of days the First Lady of America Michelle Obama has been in news for many times and the cause Child Obesity and how to fight this dreadful diseases. It is estimated that 15% of the kids around the world faces this condition, while in USA, UK and Australia 25% kids are either overweight or obese. In means that every 1 in 4 kid born in these countries are facing these issue. For sometime my thought about obesity being more common in the low economy class due to cheap fast food, but a closer look shows a very different picture. Here in this article no more reasons on whom to blame, but just simple answers what to do for your and mine kids to be healthy and not get sucked into this virus of their time.

1] Educate your Kid:

Kids of 21 generation are fast to learn, and then why not teach them healthy habits of eating. Educate them about eating good and healthy food choices. Let them know the difference between good and bad. Being new in the world most of them are pretty good understanding that difference.

2] Less time for the Idiot box and indoor activities: 

Being a parent why not make it a rule for restricting the use of idiot box and other indoor activities. These are the places when kids might end up stuffing with junk food. Reserve indoor activities for those crazy bad days

3] More time on Play Ground
  Playing different sports activities individual or group or in team can boost your kid’s confidence and also keep him away from all the other nonsense. Though can be little hard for you and your partner make sure your kid gets enrolled in some group activities like ice hockey or whatever they love on the open fields. Encourage that!!

4] Encourage Drinking Juice
 I have seen many times kids drinking too much pop; currently the fad is diet soda which is far worse because of its Aspartame and Fructose content. Why not show and teach your kids that they can have a choice instead of pop. Let them try a fruit juice or  just plain  water  and check ...Rome was not build in a day so it would take a while to change , but they would do not worry.

5] Avoid Stacking
 As a parent the one thing that can be done by you too is shopping wisely. If you shop then only your kid might eat, they why not avoid shopping junk food. Why to stuff candies and chocolates and chips; look out for some healthy options. Try to make cook some homemade items for snacks rather than junk.

6] Educate the schools to provide healthy options
Jamie Oliver single handed changed schools in UK, then why not you and other group of parents try to work out with schools for healthy nutritious meals for your kids at school. During school season your kids spend nearly two third of his day in school ending eating at least 2 meals at school. Then why not take the help of the teachers to help your kids to eat healthy. Speak up its not yet late...

7] Zen Eating
On one of my guest post my fellow friend Christine speaks about mindful eating and Zen eating It does makes so much sense when it comes to using those same technique with our kids. Here are two questions for you; Are your kids eating slowly and chewing properly each morsel? Do your kids taste each and every morsel of their food? Find out the answers for these two questions. Half of the issues of Obesity get solved here and here only.

8] Be a Role Model Yourself
 Kids love to follow what elders do, if your kid is two year old or even a teenager most of the lessons they learn of life are from their parents. If that is the case why not lead them and be a role model. Practice what you preach. Sets a good example in front of your and kid and see the difference.

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