Saturday, February 20, 2010

5 Simple Ways to Exercise for Elders

A day in life of a senior citizen hardly goes without some of the common aches and pains of the body. It is not that obesity or diabetes or the doctors advise of cutting down on fast food that really bothers them as much as pains and aches. Staying in Brighton, Ontario a retirement community staying with all senior citizens I found out that even with pain and aches , if one does the right things during those days one could enjoy life to its fullest even in their last innings. And with all this pains and aches it is a real hard thing to exercise or do something. Here are the lists of stuff than any senior can do to keep moving and remain healthy doing it. {May be even reduce pain and aches}

1] Move Every Single Joint of The body:
One of the most important exercises advised by many doctors today is simple movements of each and every joint of the body. This is so simple move each joint of the body for 5 times in different way that the joint can move. Soon one would realise that it takes around half to one hour working out the whole body. One of the benefits of such exercise is each every joint is worked out every day thus reducing pain and aches especially in the cold months of winter.

2] Walk:
Walking has known for its benefits for long time. A 30 minutes walk with good posture is said to increase life expectancy. It is said that a walk can also build one’s bones and give strength to them and the joints especially the Hip joint. So why not walk for an hour or so around the backyard of your own house or in the mall or just on the main street.

3] Swimming:
Swimming remains one of the perfect ways to exercise by seniors due to the simple fact that it hardly gives stress to joints and bones. It is the density of human body that is similar to water making it perfectly good for seniors to work out.  Walk, swim or wade in a swimming pool it would be a perfect way to work out for any senior citizen.

4] Yoga /Pilates /Tai Chi:
Recent studies have concluded that doing yoga regularly reduces compounds that are responsible for inflammation and pain which are increased due to stress and old age. Not just that all this eastern methods are time tested and are known to help senior citizens. Yoga/Tai-chi is known to work both the physical body and also the mental body or the brain.

5] Playing Tennis /Golf:
Playing some kind of sports such as tennis and golf would always be helpful and enjoyable for all seniors. Try as much you can is the word out there for you all. If you are fit and fine and can play give it a chance to learn Tennis and enjoy some great volleys. Both the games would help you to remain active and keep the body moving. They are great source of workout for anyone who is serious about them.

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