Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Herbs to Increase your Passion

 Valentine Day Special

Just 4 days to go for Valentine Day ... In my last Wednesday post I gave a list of 5 food items that can Increase one's passion. Today we would dig in further and look from the kitchen spices and herbs that are safe and can increase one's passion for the D-day. These herbs can be taken individually or added to favourite recipes to give the desire result. It has been since ages that humans did use such types of spices and herbs especially when it comes to keeping flame lighted.

1] Saffron:
One of the world's expensive spices by weight Saffron is a simple dried stalk of the "Crocus sativus" flower. Native to South Asia this spice had a long history as a spice and aphrodisiac. Ancient Persians and Egyptians used to use this spice to increase their sexual drive. In the recent years modern scientist determine that it is role of this spice to work as Emmenagogic in nature that helps in increasing the sex drive. Emmenagogic property means increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area which is very much require for increasing the libido of a person.
The best way to use this spice is to mix them with warm milk or just add them to your cookies.

2] Ginseng:

Since ages Chinese medicine has advocated Ginseng as number one herb to treat libido including Erectile dysfunction. In a recent study by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine it was confirmed that both American and Asian forms of Ginseng do have the property to enhance libido and copulatory performance. It is said this may not be due to hormone secretion, but due to direct effect of this herb on nervous system and gonad tissues. It is also said that it might be "ginsenosides" an alkaloid that might be behind such action.
This herb has been successfully used in treating both male and female libido issue knowing how it works now.

3] Fennel:
 "Foeniculum vulgare" as called in Latin is known to all of us as fennel . Since ages seeds and roots of this plant has been used to increase sex drive for both men and women. "Lawrence Review of Natural Products" a respected newsletter published an article showing increase libido of both male and female rats when they ate fennel. This plant do have female hormone like estrogen which might have shown the result of libido enhancer.

4] Cardamom

Do not forget to add some cardamom in your coffee the next time as that is also one the best herb to increase Passion. For a long time Arabs have enjoyed this spice for the same reason adding in different food and coffee. Cardamom a spice native to India and other south eastern Asian countries produces small fruits which contain seeds which are normally used to spice.
It is said by researchers that the action of this seeds is due to the alkaloid "Cineole" which acts central nervous system stimulant. Such stimulation thus makes increases one's passion as one may know.

5] Mucuna pruriens:

 One of the best herbs to work on Parkinson remains also one of a kind to work on increasing libido. Mucuna Pruriens is climbing shrubs from the tropical regions of India, Caribbean and other African countries. It is the seeds in the legumes of this plant that are known to have properties to work on increasing the libido. Ancient Ayurvedic text and also Siddha Medicine text refers to the seeds of this plant of great importance. Researchers do confirm the role of this plant as an aphrodisiac. They further comment that seeds would increase the libido of both men and women due to its dopamine inducing properties. It is the dopamine which has a profound effect on sexual function.
15 gm of ground seed boiled in cow's milk would be ideal way to have this herb.

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