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5 Food that Increases Passion

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Valentine Day Special 
Valentine day is just around the corner, and sure one needs all the different kind of ideas and suggestion to keep their flames of passion burning. Passion as defined by dictionary is a strong sexual feeling towards someone. An emotion that is very much needed to keep the bond of husband and wife alive to apply for successful married life. Valentine day remains just another day when this bond is tested as one may say. Mind and food do have a strong connection and one could see it many times. Here are in this article my goal is to help all those people to eat something healthy and increase one's passion for this Valentine day.

1] Onion:
 Oh!!Yes one hates the smell of raw onion to their mouth, but for time long Onions are regarded to be excellent food to increase passion. Known in Latin as “Allium Cepa”, this plant is also known as garden onion or bulb onion A plant that used to grow in the wild, discovered and cultivated in the Indian Subcontinent for ages. The importance of this plant as an aphrodisiac is wide known then and even now.
Ancient Romans and Greek doctors used to prescribe this for stimulating erection, while in the 1500 century this Onion where used to treat infertility in women in the western world. According to Ayurveda Raw Onion juice with honey and pepper is a good decoction to be used to increase one's passion.

2] Grapes:
One often wonders when seeing scenes from romantic movies the use of grapes with regards to Passion. Does grapes do have that kind of value or is it just a myth. The Greek God Dionysus was the god of wine and god of fertility and procreation... thus showing the relation between fermented grapes and fertility. Ayurveda regards this fruit both in fermented or non-fermented form to have very stimulation properties that would increase one's passion.

3] Oyster:
 Oyster would not surprise you I know, but here I add a little more to that. It is not just Oyster, but many fishes and sea products such as eggs of many fishes are known to increase passion according to Ayurveda. Fishes do lay millions of eggs at a time and have a high fertility rate, it is for this reason Ayurveda recommends this group as an aphrodisiac. In modern literature oyster are known to have zinc which is very vital form women’s to produce eggs, while in male increase the sperm formation.

4] Avocado:
 If you are a vegan I am sure oyster would not appeal you, do not worry. Even if there is no reference of this fruit in Ayurveda still from the time of Ayurveda this fruit has influence the Aztec people of Mexico and South America in regards to passion. The origin of this word comes from the actual Aztec word "ahucatl" meaning testicles. This people used to name this fruit as the fruit of fertility for as they would increase passion.
This fruits not just increases passion, but also they do contain Vitamin E which is known to increase sperm count and sperm motility in males.

5] Water Melon:
   On July 1 2008 Science Daily reported that a cold slice of watermelon does have Viagra effects. Watermelon a huge fruit with many seeds in them, although it has been known for its health benefits, it is the first time to hear that melon can increase libido. According to Dr Bhimu Patil director or Texas A&M's fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre in College Station watermelon do contain lycopene, beta carotene and other phytonutrients which do have the ability to relax blood vessels, pretty much like Viagra. 

So it is still time for Valentine day to come, so start your diet full of the above vegetables and fruits and see the passion.
“And you thought I would speak about Chocolate and Strawberries...”

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