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8 Tips to Reduce Childhood Obesity

In a very recent development for the last couple of days the First Lady of America Michelle Obama has been in news for many times and the cause Child Obesity and how to fight this dreadful diseases. It is estimated that 15% of the kids around the world faces this condition, while in USA, UK and Australia 25% kids are either overweight or obese. In means that every 1 in 4 kid born in these countries are facing these issue. For sometime my thought about obesity being more common in the low economy class due to cheap fast food, but a closer look shows a very different picture. Here in this article no more reasons on whom to blame, but just simple answers what to do for your and mine kids to be healthy and not get sucked into this virus of their time.

1] Educate your Kid:

Kids of 21 generation are fast to learn, and then why not teach them healthy habits of eating. Educate them about eating good and healthy food choices. Let them know the difference between good and bad. Being new in the world most of them are pretty good understanding that difference.

2] Less time for the Idiot box and indoor activities: 

Being a parent why not make it a rule for restricting the use of idiot box and other indoor activities. These are the places when kids might end up stuffing with junk food. Reserve indoor activities for those crazy bad days

3] More time on Play Ground
  Playing different sports activities individual or group or in team can boost your kid’s confidence and also keep him away from all the other nonsense. Though can be little hard for you and your partner make sure your kid gets enrolled in some group activities like ice hockey or whatever they love on the open fields. Encourage that!!

4] Encourage Drinking Juice
 I have seen many times kids drinking too much pop; currently the fad is diet soda which is far worse because of its Aspartame and Fructose content. Why not show and teach your kids that they can have a choice instead of pop. Let them try a fruit juice or  just plain  water  and check ...Rome was not build in a day so it would take a while to change , but they would do not worry.

5] Avoid Stacking
 As a parent the one thing that can be done by you too is shopping wisely. If you shop then only your kid might eat, they why not avoid shopping junk food. Why to stuff candies and chocolates and chips; look out for some healthy options. Try to make cook some homemade items for snacks rather than junk.

6] Educate the schools to provide healthy options
Jamie Oliver single handed changed schools in UK, then why not you and other group of parents try to work out with schools for healthy nutritious meals for your kids at school. During school season your kids spend nearly two third of his day in school ending eating at least 2 meals at school. Then why not take the help of the teachers to help your kids to eat healthy. Speak up its not yet late...

7] Zen Eating
On one of my guest post my fellow friend Christine speaks about mindful eating and Zen eating It does makes so much sense when it comes to using those same technique with our kids. Here are two questions for you; Are your kids eating slowly and chewing properly each morsel? Do your kids taste each and every morsel of their food? Find out the answers for these two questions. Half of the issues of Obesity get solved here and here only.

8] Be a Role Model Yourself
 Kids love to follow what elders do, if your kid is two year old or even a teenager most of the lessons they learn of life are from their parents. If that is the case why not lead them and be a role model. Practice what you preach. Sets a good example in front of your and kid and see the difference.

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Arthritis- 5 Tips to Fight Pain

It is said that over 70 % of old people in North America suffer from this condition which remains more painful rather than dangerous called as Arthritis. Arthritis a word that comes from two Greek words “arthro” which means joint and “itis” meaning inflammation. It is said that their are100 different types of arthritis but the most common one's are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pain remains one of the commonest symptoms of this condition and can remain a trouble for many. Here are some tips on reducing this pain for all those who suffer with Arthritis.

1] Move Move Move!!!

In a recent National Survey reported that over 50% of people those who suffer with Arthritis are inactive. The report further said that it has been proven than inactivity can actually worsen the pain rather than help. Moving of each joint of the body for at least 5 to 10 times a day an exercise recommended by me even for the senior citizens works really magic when used for reducing pain in this condition. If you like walking or swimming one can do that but the magic is to move rather than sit and let the pain take control of you.

2] Applying Oil

 According to the wisdom of the ancient science of living Ayurveda, applying oil really works magic in reducing the pain. Different types of herbal oil can be prescribed by your Vaidya. One can even apply just plain warm sesame seed oil or castor oil on the affected joints. One is aware that when suffering with especially Osteoarthritis the cartilage between the two joints have worn out and thus one can feel the pain. The idea of applying oil on such joint in Ayurveda is all on the bases of nourishing those joints which do have worn out cartilages, in a way it like giving a little bit of lubrication.

3] Heat Therapy

Apply something hot has been advised for many conditions since ages. During the ancient times many cultures used what they had in abundance as hot stone or hot meat to reduce pain and inflammation. So be it... Why not use the same idea for pain reduction. Apply some warm sand or even hold some hot pad on our joints to see the magic effect of pain relief.

4] Ginger Tea

I am a big fan of Ginger for its multiple uses as a healing herb and also as a great spice. A known alkaloid present in this herb called as “gingerol” works as an anti-inflammatory agent thus reducing inflammation. This action thus remains a big boon to many people who suffer with arthritis. I have always recommended my clients to have at least one or two cups of ginger tea if suffering with such painful arthritis. The recipe of Ginger tea is shared here.

5] Flax seeds

 I have spoken about this seeds couple of days from now in my post on Healthy Snacks for winter. These seeds and its oil are full of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This is very similar to omega-3 fatty acid in reducing inflammation and thus the known use of this seeds in pain reduction in Arthritis. One of the best ways to use Flax seeds for helping one reduce the pain here is by just having some seeds in diet. It is well known during ancient times that poultice made of this seeds when heated reduces pain in joints if suffering from arthritis.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Natraj Asana

Lord of Dance Pose

Today we are going to read about yet another balancing pose known as “Natraj asana” or the Lord of the Dance Pose. The word “Nata” means actor, dancer, while "Raj" means King thus the pose is called as “Natraj asana” or Lord of the Dance pose. This pose also points to one of the great mythological figure in Hindu religion namely Shiv, whom is also called by many by the same name.

How to do Natraj asana?

1] Start this pose by standing on the mat in Tadasana the basic standing pose. Inhale in and out.
2] Slowly shift your body weight from both the feet on to your right foot. Inhaling slowly catch hold your left foot or the left toe from behind with your left hand.
3] Slowly with a little pull from your left arm lift your left toe and your leg as much as you can. Making sure you keep the left toe preferably pointing to the sky.
3] To balance the movements of left foot, at the same time lift your right arm straight out front in air. Either you can keep it parallel to the floor or you can keep it up in the air.
5] Balance the pose for at least two to three breaths in the beginning and then come back to the normal pose.
6] Try doing it again on the other leg in the same way.


1] It seems a very hard pose in the beginning, but do not be afraid of the complexity of this pose. If you have been working on different poses before hand and your body has been used to doing yoga one need not worried about it.
2] One of the cardinal rules that I learned while doing balancing poses is that one need to be very much focused. Try focusing on a point in front of you and try this pose. Balancing would not be difficult for you.
3] Though I do not recommend it many teachers do use the help of a wall or some object to be used to the balance. Be my guest and give it a try if you like it.


1] Improves balance and concentration remains the first and foremost benefit of this pose.
2] Stretches the thighs, groins and abdomen region.
3] Works on stretching the chest and the shoulder muscles.


This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

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5 Simple Ways to Exercise for Elders

A day in life of a senior citizen hardly goes without some of the common aches and pains of the body. It is not that obesity or diabetes or the doctors advise of cutting down on fast food that really bothers them as much as pains and aches. Staying in Brighton, Ontario a retirement community staying with all senior citizens I found out that even with pain and aches , if one does the right things during those days one could enjoy life to its fullest even in their last innings. And with all this pains and aches it is a real hard thing to exercise or do something. Here are the lists of stuff than any senior can do to keep moving and remain healthy doing it. {May be even reduce pain and aches}

1] Move Every Single Joint of The body:
One of the most important exercises advised by many doctors today is simple movements of each and every joint of the body. This is so simple move each joint of the body for 5 times in different way that the joint can move. Soon one would realise that it takes around half to one hour working out the whole body. One of the benefits of such exercise is each every joint is worked out every day thus reducing pain and aches especially in the cold months of winter.

2] Walk:
Walking has known for its benefits for long time. A 30 minutes walk with good posture is said to increase life expectancy. It is said that a walk can also build one’s bones and give strength to them and the joints especially the Hip joint. So why not walk for an hour or so around the backyard of your own house or in the mall or just on the main street.

3] Swimming:
Swimming remains one of the perfect ways to exercise by seniors due to the simple fact that it hardly gives stress to joints and bones. It is the density of human body that is similar to water making it perfectly good for seniors to work out.  Walk, swim or wade in a swimming pool it would be a perfect way to work out for any senior citizen.

4] Yoga /Pilates /Tai Chi:
Recent studies have concluded that doing yoga regularly reduces compounds that are responsible for inflammation and pain which are increased due to stress and old age. Not just that all this eastern methods are time tested and are known to help senior citizens. Yoga/Tai-chi is known to work both the physical body and also the mental body or the brain.

5] Playing Tennis /Golf:
Playing some kind of sports such as tennis and golf would always be helpful and enjoyable for all seniors. Try as much you can is the word out there for you all. If you are fit and fine and can play give it a chance to learn Tennis and enjoy some great volleys. Both the games would help you to remain active and keep the body moving. They are great source of workout for anyone who is serious about them.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seedless: Some thoughts on Infertility

I do not know about you, but at least when buying grapes I buy them with seeds. Seedless grapes just do not go well with me. I love that small amount of bitter taste in mouth as I eat the sweet and sour grapes. Do not you think it is amazing living in the 21 century and producing vegetables and fruits choosing what we want in them and what we do not want? Seedless grapes, large huge potatoes and pumpkins and what not!! Yes it does feed the stomach and the taste, but what about health. Any relation of such seedless food in our diet with decrease of sperm counts of males all around the world. 

Seeds as I see are basically small chips of genetic material of two plants which are bought together to produce a new plant at a right time. It is often seen that in a plant not just the roots or the barks or the fruit is healthy and nutritious, but even seeds do have specific health benefits. Take the example of Pumpkin seeds

One of the fundamental principle of Ayurveda ; “A quality that is present in nature like in fruit or seeds when consumed would increase the same quality in your own body”. What it means is if you want to increase muscles in your body, then eat animals containing muscles rather just bones.  If this is the case what about seeds, what are they nourishing in our bodies. 
“A quality that is present in nature like in fruit or seeds when consumed would increase the same quality in your own body” Ayurveda
In times when the know-how of vitamin and minerals was still distant future, the science of living Ayurveda has been answering many questions in abstract. According to Ayurveda seeds tend to increase our own seeds in our body if we consider the rule above. Even our seeds do contain the right genetic material to make our kids same as the seeds from plants. Then eating seedless what about that now....

Journal of Urology published an article speaking about decrease sperm counts in human male over the last few years. While many women’s should have noticed by now that they tend to have early menopause than their mom’s or grand moms. What is this?  Decrease sperms, early menopause ... is it something to do with decrease of seeds in our diet. 

Do you see any co-relation here? Do you understand what I am trying to convey? Convey your thoughts if possible, whatever they might be. I may be wrong interpreting Ayurveda. Let me know? 

Any  Thoughts, Be my guest and share it ?

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Yoga

We in Ontario celebrate today as Family day. In very recent years the third Monday of February has been declared as Family day by the Premier of Ontario province. Although this custom is not new for the world as many other countries do have such types of Family day all around the world. Being Monday and we normally speak about Yoga I thought it would be nice to speak on the same lines with reference of family day.
 It was very recent that I landed in a class where I got the opportunity to teach three generation of a family grandmother, her daughter-in law and her granddaughter. Soon I found out that three of them had been doing yoga for a long time together attending at least once class in a month or so. While chatting with them I did understood what they achieved by doing so. Family Yoga would be the name of the yoga some marketing genius would say so..... What is important is that yes they did achieve a lot from such practices.
On this family day here are 5 reasons why you should be doing yoga with your family:

1] Spending Some Quality Time:
Today the world we are in, most of the families are although together still we all know that most of us are in their own world. Electronic distractions, face book twitter, phones rules the world even when sitting together. It would for once a nice change to be together and spend some quality time with each other doing yoga.

2] Discipline:
It is amazing what yoga does to you and your body. Slowly and slowly as you start doing yoga many should have seen changes happening in themselves. Our breathing, our posture our simple moments, the way we think and speak everything gets a humble touch.  Yes yoga can teach you discipline and just imagine about having such nice discipline in each one of your family member. What do you think?

3] The Big Trust Factor:
 My years of teaching yoga have taught me one thing; it takes a lot to show one's physical weakness in front of others. It is this weakness which when exposed in front of your family would increase the big trust factor between each and every family member.  Trust as you all know plays a very important part between couples, between members of the family. To build this bond of trust would be something that everyone would like to have. Yoga would help you achieve that!!

4] Motivation:
When doing yoga one normally keeps on improving one’s skills, but at the same time one also motivates others constantly. A healthy mom would give an example for herself in front of her kids and husband and thus motivate them to work and stay healthy. Parents doing yoga together even in front of small kids have seen the result of motivating even toddlers to copy them and do some yoga.

5] Family Health:
Family is defined as group of people staying together bonded by either blood or some kind of relationship between each others. In a way everyone in the family remains responsible for the whole physical, mental and spiritual development of the whole family in general.  Doing yoga together can make that difference in your family.

So the next time may be even today or coming Sunday decide for a nice time , switch of the phone , shut the computers off and for an hour of two have a nice yoga class. Do not need to go for a class, one may even watch a DVD, or let your daughter who loves doing yoga lead the class and see the effects on your family as a whole.

Ohh do not forget to share with us how your felt ... Waiting for your comments.

Happy Family Day !!!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Day : Some Thoughts

Family Day is been celebrated third Monday of February ever since 2007 in Ontario, Canada. It has been quiet late in one way that the province declared it as a public holiday. Many province such as Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan had family day holidays long time back. This tradition of declaring family day started from the State of Arizona since 1978, while other many countries have followed that tradition such as Australia, South Africa.
We {me and my wife} moving from India hardly understood the need of such a day to be frank. Rather we both thought that if India would think of declaring such day it might be every day. Why it is important for governments of different country need to declare such days like family day? 
My work with people in North America gave an idea to all my questions. Knowing the people and understanding their lifestyle and knowing the habits made me realize why government need to take that decision to have a family day.
Family life revolves here in a very different way; a family of four hardly would have a meal together. Even if they are on the table  it would be that the one of the partner cooking , while the other though on table engrossed with blackberry or laptop{ipad may be soon} , while kids busy doing the same. What was more devastating to hear from some clients is that many times each one of them cooked separately for themselves and ate different times.  Well I am not surprised that even some families do behave the same in India too.
Friends where are we heading now? Though we do have great life quality than our ancestors enjoyed, but what about our mental health, social health, family health? To define overall health does all this matters or no?
I do not have answers for all this questions? Do you have them?  Couple of months ago Leo Babuta from Zen Habits wrote a very interesting article. The answer lies within this post. Each and every point might change us and allow us to enjoy days like Family day each and every day. I would love if my readers would read this and try to follow this article, not just for you but for your family. 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Herbs to Increase your Passion

 Valentine Day Special

Just 4 days to go for Valentine Day ... In my last Wednesday post I gave a list of 5 food items that can Increase one's passion. Today we would dig in further and look from the kitchen spices and herbs that are safe and can increase one's passion for the D-day. These herbs can be taken individually or added to favourite recipes to give the desire result. It has been since ages that humans did use such types of spices and herbs especially when it comes to keeping flame lighted.

1] Saffron:
One of the world's expensive spices by weight Saffron is a simple dried stalk of the "Crocus sativus" flower. Native to South Asia this spice had a long history as a spice and aphrodisiac. Ancient Persians and Egyptians used to use this spice to increase their sexual drive. In the recent years modern scientist determine that it is role of this spice to work as Emmenagogic in nature that helps in increasing the sex drive. Emmenagogic property means increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area which is very much require for increasing the libido of a person.
The best way to use this spice is to mix them with warm milk or just add them to your cookies.

2] Ginseng:

Since ages Chinese medicine has advocated Ginseng as number one herb to treat libido including Erectile dysfunction. In a recent study by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine it was confirmed that both American and Asian forms of Ginseng do have the property to enhance libido and copulatory performance. It is said this may not be due to hormone secretion, but due to direct effect of this herb on nervous system and gonad tissues. It is also said that it might be "ginsenosides" an alkaloid that might be behind such action.
This herb has been successfully used in treating both male and female libido issue knowing how it works now.

3] Fennel:
 "Foeniculum vulgare" as called in Latin is known to all of us as fennel . Since ages seeds and roots of this plant has been used to increase sex drive for both men and women. "Lawrence Review of Natural Products" a respected newsletter published an article showing increase libido of both male and female rats when they ate fennel. This plant do have female hormone like estrogen which might have shown the result of libido enhancer.

4] Cardamom

Do not forget to add some cardamom in your coffee the next time as that is also one the best herb to increase Passion. For a long time Arabs have enjoyed this spice for the same reason adding in different food and coffee. Cardamom a spice native to India and other south eastern Asian countries produces small fruits which contain seeds which are normally used to spice.
It is said by researchers that the action of this seeds is due to the alkaloid "Cineole" which acts central nervous system stimulant. Such stimulation thus makes increases one's passion as one may know.

5] Mucuna pruriens:

 One of the best herbs to work on Parkinson remains also one of a kind to work on increasing libido. Mucuna Pruriens is climbing shrubs from the tropical regions of India, Caribbean and other African countries. It is the seeds in the legumes of this plant that are known to have properties to work on increasing the libido. Ancient Ayurvedic text and also Siddha Medicine text refers to the seeds of this plant of great importance. Researchers do confirm the role of this plant as an aphrodisiac. They further comment that seeds would increase the libido of both men and women due to its dopamine inducing properties. It is the dopamine which has a profound effect on sexual function.
15 gm of ground seed boiled in cow's milk would be ideal way to have this herb.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Ardha Chandrasana

 Half Moon Pose

In today's post we would have a look at yet another interesting balancing pose known as “Ardha Chandrasana”. “Ardha” means half in Sanskrit, while “Chandra” means Moon. Thus this pose is also known in the western world as Half Moon Pose.
Moon has a very rich symbolic significance in yoga mythology. The whole body according to Hatha yoga represents two polar energies the solar on one side while the lunar or the moon’s energy on other side.

How to do Ardha Chandrasana?

1] Start with standing in Tadasana and continue to perform the Utthita Trikonasana on your right side. At this moment your right palm is touching the ground behind the right foot. Left arm is in air; your eyes are looking towards the left hand which is in air.
2] Exhale in slowly give a little more pressure on the right hand and right feet. Now slowly lift your left leg up in the air, so that it can be parallel to the floor.
3] For beginners it is required that they keep the left arm on the body itself, or if they are comfortable they can slowly lift the hand up in air. Many times the arm in air gives a nice balance too. Keep your vision towards the hand in air.
4] Bear the body weight on the right foot as much as possible. Use the right hand shift pressure and also shift the balance a little.
5] Hold the pose for 4 to 5 breathes and then slowly come down to Utthita Trikonasana. Repeat it in the same way on the opposite side.

1] This is an advance pose which requires not just balance but a good amount of concentration. Try this pose once you have mastered the Vrksasana and Garudasana .
2] Those who do have health issues concerning neck sprain or injuries, knee joint pain try to do this pose with the help of your yoga instructor.

1] A balancing pose always work on increasing one's level of concentration.
2] A nice stretch is felt all over the body especially the lower half.
3] Improves sense of coordination and sense of balance.
4] Improves digestion.

  This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Review: The Mayo Clinic Diet

"Eat well, Enjoy Life, Lose weight"

When it comes down to New Year Resolution, weight loss is counted as the Number 1 Resolution. The weight loss market is huge and often one is confused with what to follow and whom to follow. Different types of diets, different regimes and different ideas are always recommended by prominent people all across the world. For lay man as I visualize it is often hard to understand what to follow and what not. One of my friends following my last month post on resolutions asked me to review few diets if possible. Here is post that is for all those who wanted to understand a Diet pattern before trying it, its pros and cons.

The Mayo Clinic Diet
Obesity remains the number 1 issue in North America not just in adults but now even in teenagers and childhood. Mayo clinic one of the number one  research medical institution in North America  cannot just sit hands on hands facing this epidemic. This book is the research of those scientists, doctors at Mayo clinic who worked to keep obesity under control. Speaking about this book Donald Hensrud,M.D Medical-Editor-in-chief of this books says that “the hunger of peoples to have a good diet to help lose weight remain the inspiration behind working on this book and diet”.

What is store for you?
 This book is divided in three thoughts, first it speaks about losing weight, second how to live after you lost weight and lastly all the extra stuff that comes with losing weight. In the losing weight section it speaks about habits one need to entertain and habits one need to restrain. Habits like eating healthy fats are advised to be added in our lifestyle, while habit like watching television and eating food has to be restrained. Exercise or walking is an habit that one must develop while following this diet.
Speaking of living this diet this book speaks about many things including setting goals, daily calorie dairy is taught. Pictures given in the book speak more than thousand words. How to keep your meal proportion has been really nicely told with help of pictures in this book.
The extra stuff of the book deals with general information in regards to weight loss like Body mass index and calories and what they all are. This is also the part of the book which speaks about behavioral changes that one goes through when dieting and how to keep motivated.  Obstacles that one faces during weight loss and keeping on this diet are all spoken and nicely explained in this section.
Lastly part of this book devotes to different healthy recipes and different methods of burning fats by aerobics and other exercise.

Pros of This Diet:
1] My very first thought after going through the pages of this book was this diet seems very easy and it’s doable.
2] Very simplified explanation is something that some may very much like about this book.
3] Simple habits of humans well observed and used for weight loss.
4] This is a diet that not just speaks about losing weight, but also speaks about living after that initial weight loss. Actually that interested me more than anything.
5] Another point that I really appreciate is the part of handling obstacles. What to eat when traveling, do not like vegetables, and many more questions are answered. The part how to deal with behavior when one would break the habits and change and what to do in that circumstance should be read for sure.

Cons of this Diet:
1] The biggest critic of this book would be its easy explanation, often said on internet as kinder garden style explanation.
2] In this whole book one would find that nothing is new in this book, all is known by us, it was just not used in this style.

Final thoughts:
Eat well, Enjoy Life, Lose weight here is a very simple yet attractive statement from the book that would catch many eyes and thus attract readers to this book for sure as I was. I know that losing weight is a hard ritual and need perseverance, but still reading this book and if one follows this may enjoy life and still lose weight.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Food that Increases Passion

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Valentine Day Special 
Valentine day is just around the corner, and sure one needs all the different kind of ideas and suggestion to keep their flames of passion burning. Passion as defined by dictionary is a strong sexual feeling towards someone. An emotion that is very much needed to keep the bond of husband and wife alive to apply for successful married life. Valentine day remains just another day when this bond is tested as one may say. Mind and food do have a strong connection and one could see it many times. Here are in this article my goal is to help all those people to eat something healthy and increase one's passion for this Valentine day.

1] Onion:
 Oh!!Yes one hates the smell of raw onion to their mouth, but for time long Onions are regarded to be excellent food to increase passion. Known in Latin as “Allium Cepa”, this plant is also known as garden onion or bulb onion A plant that used to grow in the wild, discovered and cultivated in the Indian Subcontinent for ages. The importance of this plant as an aphrodisiac is wide known then and even now.
Ancient Romans and Greek doctors used to prescribe this for stimulating erection, while in the 1500 century this Onion where used to treat infertility in women in the western world. According to Ayurveda Raw Onion juice with honey and pepper is a good decoction to be used to increase one's passion.

2] Grapes:
One often wonders when seeing scenes from romantic movies the use of grapes with regards to Passion. Does grapes do have that kind of value or is it just a myth. The Greek God Dionysus was the god of wine and god of fertility and procreation... thus showing the relation between fermented grapes and fertility. Ayurveda regards this fruit both in fermented or non-fermented form to have very stimulation properties that would increase one's passion.

3] Oyster:
 Oyster would not surprise you I know, but here I add a little more to that. It is not just Oyster, but many fishes and sea products such as eggs of many fishes are known to increase passion according to Ayurveda. Fishes do lay millions of eggs at a time and have a high fertility rate, it is for this reason Ayurveda recommends this group as an aphrodisiac. In modern literature oyster are known to have zinc which is very vital form women’s to produce eggs, while in male increase the sperm formation.

4] Avocado:
 If you are a vegan I am sure oyster would not appeal you, do not worry. Even if there is no reference of this fruit in Ayurveda still from the time of Ayurveda this fruit has influence the Aztec people of Mexico and South America in regards to passion. The origin of this word comes from the actual Aztec word "ahucatl" meaning testicles. This people used to name this fruit as the fruit of fertility for as they would increase passion.
This fruits not just increases passion, but also they do contain Vitamin E which is known to increase sperm count and sperm motility in males.

5] Water Melon:
   On July 1 2008 Science Daily reported that a cold slice of watermelon does have Viagra effects. Watermelon a huge fruit with many seeds in them, although it has been known for its health benefits, it is the first time to hear that melon can increase libido. According to Dr Bhimu Patil director or Texas A&M's fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre in College Station watermelon do contain lycopene, beta carotene and other phytonutrients which do have the ability to relax blood vessels, pretty much like Viagra. 

So it is still time for Valentine day to come, so start your diet full of the above vegetables and fruits and see the passion.
“And you thought I would speak about Chocolate and Strawberries...”

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Monday, February 1, 2010


Eagle Pose 

From last week we started all yogic asanas which are said to work on the Ajna Chakra or the Third eye. This poses would work well to increase one’s concentration. I am sure many of you would have enjoyed the Tree pose , Let us move forward and do another balancing pose which though might look hard can be easy if you are practicing the tree pose over time.

In today’s' post we are going to learn more about how to do Garudasana. “Garuda” or Eagle as in Sanskrit and thus the English word for this pose is Eagle pose. Eagle the bird which is known for its vision in the Nature kingdom has been associated with this pose as this pose requires a focus as of the Eagle to balance properly.

How to do this pose:
1] To start this pose one need to be standing in the basis standing position namely Tadasana.
2] Bend you both knees as you stand on both the feet.
3] Now slowly bring your left leg to cross over the right knee joint. Try to wrap your left foot over the right calf if possible.
4] Bend your elbows and bring them parallel to your shoulder joint.
5] Cross the left arms over the right arm, so that the left arm would be resting on the right arm.
6] Move the right forearm and cross it in front of the left forearm so that both of your palms can touch together.
7] Balance your whole body in this pose with your eye focused at the arms intersection.
8] Come back to Tadasana and continue doing it on the opposite side too.

1] Hey when I was new this pose was the trickiest of all... full of mumble and jumble... but try and try till one successes.
2] Understand that the balance of your body depends on your concentration and nothing else.
3] When in this pose make sure you squeeze both the arms tightly.
4] Try not to do this pose if one is pregnant.
5] Those who have suffered with health conditions like fracture of the legs or knee joint or feet, should try this pose with help of yoga teachers or expert.

  1. Increases Concentration of the doer.
  2. Stimulates the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye
  3. Tones the muscles of the legs and the arms.
  4. It is said to be benefit even those who suffer with Asthma and Sciatica.

Chakra Effect:
 This asana is known to stimulate the Third Eye or the Ajna Chakra.

Posted by Sudeep

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