Monday, January 25, 2010


Tree Pose

Last week I hope you all enjoyed doing Ustrasana or Camel pose. It has been 8 to 9 months since we started posts on Yoga and I am sure many have followed it from the start. I had many comments on this blog post and also these posts gave me high readership for sure. Beginners please start with the post of Tadasana and slowly work your way ahead as of today we start with some pose which requires over concentration and ground work which we have gained through our months of practice of Yoga. I would not say that all beginners would find this pose difficult; many rather would enjoy this pose. So try it.

Vrksasana or Tree Pose

 The word "Vrksa" means Tree while asana means pose, thus the pose is called as "Vrksasana". This pose is meant to show the balance and calmness of a tree and how the roots are fixed deep in the ground and the trunk holding the branches very well even in turbulent time.

How to do Vrksasana?

  1. To start this pose, one need to stand in Tadasana pose, keep both the legs together, hands apart from the body. The whole body weight should be equally divided on both the feet.
  2. Slowly shift the weight of your body on the left foot and then inhaling in lift your right leg bending in the knee.
  3. Reaching with your hand, lift the right foot up and place the right sole if possible on the inner aspect of the upper thigh. Lock the left knee joint for more balance.
  4. Balancing your whole body now on one leg, slowly inhale again and keep both your hands in a Namaste format or prayer shape in front of your heart.
  5. If you are comfortable one may slowly lift the arms up in the air above the head and balance the whole body on your left foot.
  6. I normally recommend concentrating on a point in front of you. Once you are in full concentration, it remains very easy to do this pose.


  1.  As said for the beginners, balancing remains the main challenge in this pose, try to keep one's concentration and it would be easy.
  2.  Let your mind be silent for a while to do this pose.
  3.  People those who have issues in their knee joint be careful while doing this pose.


  1. A great pose to increase concentration and keep our mind stable.
  2. Toning the muscles of the legs, thigh, hands arms is attained by this pose.
  3. This pose improves the sense of balance in an individual. It is a good exercise to ground one person.

This pose stimulates the Third Eye or Ajan Chakra .

Posted by Sudeep

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