Monday, January 18, 2010


Camel Pose

For last few weeks we have been doing different poses that resembles different animal. For the few days we did both upward and downward Dog, and then we did the Cat pose. Today on this blog we would see another pose which resembles to an animal. That is Camel pose of "Ustrasana". The word "Ustra" means Camel in Sanskrit. Another meaning of the word is, “that which casts light on the mind". A camel is similar it can store water in the hump and use it only when needed and thus survive the harsh desert. Our mind is similar and can store knowledge to use it when needed.

How to do Camel Pose?

1] Start the pose with kneeling on the floor. Both the thighs and feet are together. The toes should be pointing back.
2] Place your both palms on your hips. Curve your spine backward, stretching the thigh.
3] Now slowly exhaling keep your left palm on the left heel and right palm on the right heel. Try to keep them on the soles.
4] Pressing the palms on the feet, throw your head backward. The spine pretty much gets perpendicular to the thigh.
5] Keep the Buttock contracted, stretch dorsal and coccyx region of the spine, furthering the neck backward.
6] Remain in this pose for at least 3 to 4 breathes.
7] Slowly come back to keep your palms on the hips.


  • Yoga Guru   BKS Iyengar quotes in his book that even old people and spinal injury students can easily do this asana. But doing this exercise, I would definite suggest that please try this only and only when you are with an expert to help you.
  • People who do have low and high blood pressure should not do this pose.
  • Though I do not enjoy props, still for beginners if that make this pose to be done easily try them for sure.

  •  People who have hunch back or dropping shoulders would be the first to be benefited from this pose.
  • Stretches the entire abdomen and the spine, thus at one point stimulates all the organs in the abdomen.
 Chakra Effect :

Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

Posted By Sudeep
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2 comments: on "Ustrasana"

Ralph said...

So, Sudeep, should I do this to improve my posture?

Sudeep Chitnis said...

Ralph a word of caution is advised, if you are really very new to yoga. Try it with the help of your yoga teacher or expert I would recommend.

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