Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Start your New Year with Right Colon Cleanser

Today we welcome the first Guest post for the year 2010 from the pen of Colinista. Being a doctorate in Colonology and Nutrition, in this post she speaks about Colon cleanser and how to choose one. It was her own experience that bought her to write about her specialty in this article and also as a blogger. is the blog which she writes on and she can followed also on twitter.

The best thing about the New Year is that you could start on new habits and do something about the fact that you picked up bad ones. Indeed, with the new year comes resolutions to be a healthier person whether at home, at work, or just be a better person overall. However, one thing seems to be always on a person's resolution list: be healthier. With this, maybe one of your items on your New Year's resolutions is to try natural ways to lose weight like colon cleansing and detoxing.

This year, you may have ingested more toxins than you realize. The food you ate, the drink you had, and even the place where you inhaled some smoke all contribute to the amount of toxins in your body. With this, you may want to do some toxic cleansing to get rid of all the stuff that's still there for a year. Help your body out by eliminating toxins with the aid of colon cleansing products and supplements. Through your bowel movements, you are removing a lot of waste and toxins so it just makes sense that the best cleanse you could start with is a colon cleanse.

You should realize, however, that going on a colon cleanse or a detox requires some preparation. After you have attended all the holiday parties you have and ate all you wanted during this season of feasts, it is recommended that you start on a detox diet before using a colon cleanse product. For a week, incorporate fruits, vegetables, and more glasses of water. After a week, you could go on a full on detox diet and take some colon cleanse supplements. Take note, however, that you have to research on a product and read consumer reviews before deciding on one. Take this Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse review for example. It details one's whole experience with the product and not just an overview of what the colon cleanse contains and who made it.

With enough preparation, you could start your new year right. Indulge with what you want and then take responsibility for your indulgences. Go on a diet, start a new exercise plan, or even commit yourself to being healthier and more fit. After all, there's nothing like the new year to bring the promise of hope and change.

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