Friday, January 8, 2010

Kapha Prakruti

Couple of weeks ago we discussed about Pitta Prakruti. We did understood how those who have a Pitta Prakruti behave, what they eat and like to eat and many other points. Today we would have a chance to understand the last Prakruti in that group. The Kapha Prakruti

Kapha Prakruti and Physique

Individuals of Kapha Prakruti are normally well build individuals. Since childhood they tend towards a little bit of chubby nature or even one may say over weight. Lot of time such kapha prakruti people tend to be small in stature. Small fingers, small toes, small hands , small legs are very typical . Joints,fingers, feet are a little towards chubby side. Kapha prakruti do are very soft individuals. Their softness of skin is very much noticeable and appreciable in public.

Kapha and features of Mind 

 The softness of the skin is also seen on the mental front. A typical Kapha individual are very soft in nature. Calm and quiet would be traits to look for such individuals. They are not big on talking , but do love to think and thus such individuals tend to be thinkers rather than orators. Good Memory, good grasper,  are also some of the mental traits of Kapha individual. They are individuals who would seldom get angry on any one whatsoever happens to them. Being so calm and quiet many assume that such individuals are lonely in life. Yes they can be , but many times one tend to see good friendship and relation ship developed between this individuals too.
Being Thinker they do tend to take very high position in the corporate level, but still it is amazing how calm and quiet they could be. Issues from stress and tension takes a while for them to be bothered. Thus one can say they do and can work at a very high stressful situation too.
With all such good traits Kapha individual are also known for being little lazy individuals. Procrastination is often seen in them many time.

Food Habits of Kapha Individual

A kapha individual from all the traits of Prakruti tends to have a very small appetite. Thus eating voracious, eating complete three courses of meal seldom happens with such individuals. Having multiple small meals is thus very common which can be more often seen as Snacking. Kapha individual do enjoy salt,bitter and spicy food and thus if they indulge in excess tend to snack more on spicy and salty items like salted cashews or peanuts.  All though having such a small appetite still they tend to  have a good metabolism.Thus issues with bowel moments are not very common in  such individuals .

Health Issues of Kapha Individual

 First of as said earlier in this post such individuals tend to be a little chubby since childhood. If diet habits and lifestyle do detoriate  in further life , such individuals normally face one big issue and that is OK Obesity. Obesity and obesity related issues are very common with Kapha individuals . Lack of exercise, excessive snacking, just adds a lot of things for such individual health. Diabetes, High blood pressure, High lipid level , cardiac issues are very common with such individual.

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