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Herbal Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome

A neurological condition where one has an irresistible urge to move one’s body especially legs to stop uncomfortable or odd sensation.  This is also called in lay man as "the Jimmy legs" and in medical term as Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome. Most of the time this condition is noted by people on their legs, but few have even noticed this happening on their hands, though the name relates to legs. It is said the 2to 15 % of people all around the world do face this condition knowing or unknowingly.
One do face this condition just as one is about to sleep. A feeling of uneasiness or unusual sensation on one's leg is common as one goes to sleep. Many people who face this condition speak about insects crawling on their legs; while some would speak about pins and needles on legs during sleep.  Itching, burning sensation are also some of the known unusual symptoms.
Normally avoiding caffeine, doing some exercise, having a nice warm bath does help some of the people suffering this issue and thus remains the commonest advice even from Doctors. Although in really bad cases medications are prescribed too.

Here are few suggestions that normally would be advised for those who face Restless legs syndrome from the Herbal perspective.

1] Abyanga or Oleation:
Abyanga or Oleation meaning application of oil all over the body, but in this case applied on the legs, is a very well known remedy by Ayurvedic Physicians given to such conditions. Normally warm oil is applied all over the legs before going to bed and then washed with luke-warm water or even bath or shower could be taken. The whole concept remains on how Ayurveda perceive this condition. It is understood that increase of Vatta dosha causes issues like Restless Leg syndrome. To decrease vatta one of the best ways is by doing Abyanga and thus is used for this condition. Sesame seed oil is preferred for such applications. Read more benefits of this abyanga here .

2] Basti or Enema:
 Another treatment to be used commonly against Restless Legs Syndrome is that of Basti, one of the 5 Panchakarma (PK). Basti or Enema is a process where medicated oil, herbal decoction is inserted in the body through the rectum. To understand functioning of Enemas or Basti , one should be knowing the physiology and anatomy of the rectum and the surrounding area. All the area around the rectum and the colon is full of blood vessels; the mucosa inside them is such that it can absorb essential nutrients missed by the digestive process easily. Knowing this Enemas or Basti can be given for either retention of herbs or even just cleansing the colon. Here in this case it is more for mention rather than cleansing one inserts such enemas. The herbs are more to be absorbed by the body to reduce Vatta which helps in reducing the symptoms of this condition.

3] Herbal Tea:
a] Jatamansi: Research is still at a very early stage to say about Jatmansi, a nerve tonic has shown result in this condition. Jatamansi is an herb native to India known as Nardostachys jatamansi. It is basically a root of a plant which has shown amazing results on many neurological issues especially related to sleeping disorders. The tea is advised by Vaidyas to take just before going to bed.

Take warm water and add herbal powder of Jatamansi into it. Keep the tea closed for a while for letting the herbs settle. Do not heat the water when the herbs are added. Sip the tea rather than drinking.
b] Liquorice: Another theory behind this condition is of some herbs to work on the muscle and that is why some group of Ayurvedic physician do use liquorice. It is said that muscle pain is largely reduced due to use of Liquorice roots, as they are excellent muscle relaxant. Also one does get magnesium from it which is said to be useful in such conditions.

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