Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 Steps to Lose Extra pounds

A Gift from the Holidays
Back in reality from grand holidays  yet? Snacking, party time, booze and all the crazy meals are routine during such days. Are they over yet or no!! Now does the ghost of weight gain bother you now or no? If you had read my article before may be you might be good this period, it’s good to know. But if not do not freak out. Many would actually start crazy fasting, weight loss clinic and even pills. Is it OK to do take such drastic measures?

Many fitness guru and dietitians would tell you not to take such steps. It is very important to look out for some simple steps to lose those extra pounds. Here is a collection of few steps that one can indulge in our day to day activity to maintain and help lose some weight too.

1] Diet Control:

 The first step that most of us tend to take and is always suggested is Diet Control. Holidays are over and so are all the fun and party. Make sure one now go back to the routine that was set before the holidays. Calorie control and eating only when one is hungry would be my personal suggestion and favorite too. Desserts, sweet and exotic food, ohh and also alcohol if one do indulge should now be reduced or completely cut down for some time. Effective know-how of our owns diet would help us work better to achieve our goal.

2] Periodic Fasting: 

Thought not a big fan of fasting for a long time, I still believe that fasting if done periodic can be the best way of keep our health and weight in control too. In my last post of fasting, I have mention how to do it and the benefits of it. But the important thing to understand is that fast only when and how much one can. Do not over fast is very important. A day in a week of just hot water or even just couple of glasses of juices or even Khicadhi can work well.

3] Hot water:

 The benefits of hot water have been discussed again before hand on this blog post.  I have always loved hot water as a medium not only to keep our digestive system in control, but also as a good way to detoxify the body toxins. The best benefit that I see of hot water during times like this is that it helps to reduce our appetite a little bit especially the snacking appetite. Drink when in between your meals one feel hungry or just feel like a craving of snacks and see the difference.

4] Yoga /Pilates / Gym work:

 Either one can devote a ton of time during such post holidays or one can systematically devote few minutes every day to specific planned yoga Pilates lessons. Both ways one can choose to lose that extra pound easily and slowly. Yogic position like Pashimottanasana , Padhangustanasanna and many more are really good to work on the excess pound on the abdomen and thighs. Working with those pose can really help too. Even try Surya Namaskar or Sun-salutation too for good results.

5] Walk:

One of the best way and a best habit one can develop is to walk. I have not really spoken on walking that much on this blog. But to be frank that is one of the best ways to lose few pounds easily if one indulges in. Walk daily and maintain a fix timing if possible. With the added advantage of losing pounds, one can also feel refreshed and may breathe extra oxygen daily do not you thing.

As sea is a collection of drop and drops of water over time. In the same way simple steps like those mentions above can easily help you lose those extra pounds. Yes if you have any more thoughts and simple steps like this please feel free to comment. Looking forward for more comments....

Posted By Sudeep

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1 comments: on "5 Steps to Lose Extra pounds"

Ching Ya said...

Hi Sudeep,
Thanks for these health tips. Funny that sometimes it does sound easy to lose the pounds, it's actually harder to put it into actions. We do really need to overcome our bad habits and start living healthier. Ah.. hot water, that is a very good tip.

Happy 2010!

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