Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Healthy Snacks : Part 2

Last week  post we enjoyed snacking and learning more about two types of seeds that are healthy for our body especially during the cold months of winter. I am sure you enjoyed that post. Today I conclude this series with two more seeds which are said to be very helpful for humanity; these seeds are known to protect us from cold months and can be excellent snacks .

Sesame seeds: 
Sesame seeds are seeds of plant names Sesamum indicum” a small flowering plant native to Indian sub continent and Africa. Since humans knew the value of this seeds, used for cooking. In Sanskrit the word for oil is called as "Tailum", which is said to be derived from the word Til; i.e. Sesame seeds. Oil removed from this seeds is known to be very helpful oil for many reasons. Body massage, Oil pulling and many other things are said to be done with the oil of seeds in Ayurveda.
According to modern literature this seeds are said to be rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper and calcium. They also contain lignans and a unique content in it is sesamin which are type of phytoestrogens with antioxidant and anti cancer properties. These seeds also contain phytosterols which are associated with reducing the level of blood cholesterol in the body.
Even today as winter arrives in India, one snack that one can find on the streets would be sesame seed with jaggery or sugar. This combination is said to increase the body heat and has been used for time long.
Known reference of ancient Babylon would eat a combination of honey and sesame seed to prolong beauty and youth. It has been said according to Ayurveda that such is the power of this seeds that if a slim thin youth eat this seeds would gain weight, while if an obese individuals eat this seeds would lose weight.
One of the best ways to look for snacks of this seeds is basically to make small granola bars which are very nutritious of this seeds easily available in stores.

Flax seeds:

 One of the seeds that have been much in talk lately is Flax seeds. Flax seed a seed produce from the plant named in Latin as "Linum usitatissimum". This seeds are also known in some parts of the world as common flax or linseeds. This seeds are known for its health benefits for time long. Ayurveda recommends intake of this seeds for day to day cough, cold and fever. One could understanding flax seeds with warm water as a tea has been warming in nature and thus proves very healthy during cold months of winter. Flax seeds are also used as poultice for external application for chest infection and cough and cold in traditional Indian medicine.
Current science regards flax seed as high dietary fibre content and thus used for loosening stools in day to day life. Flax also does contain high level of lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids. Lignans are known to benefit the heart, posses anti cancer properties as studies would have shown on different animal studies. This seeds also have beneficial for woman’s to reduce cholesterol as researchers conclude.
It is often advice by me to use flax seeds in diet either as a garnish on food or just adding them in granola or even on cereals.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Handle Winter Blues /Depression ?

One of the biggest challenges that I and my wife faced moving from India to Canada was adapting to the cold dark winter season.  How such days could be a little depressing and frustrating sometimes was the biggest issue recently. Here I ended up understanding more about SAD or Seasonal affective Disorder commonly known as winter depression or winter blues.

Seasonal affective Disorder is a condition which knowing unknowing one may just face it sometimes during such cold dark months. One would be find one self to have difficulty waking up in the morning, tendency to over sleep overeat, craves carbs, difficulty concentration, withdrawal from friends and family all leading to depression. According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, this is not a unique mood disorder, but it is a specified of a major depression. Even in Nature one can see such behavior in animals, as one can see many of them hibernating for that time of year. 

Here are 5 Simple Tips that we followed to keep away from this Winter Blues.

1] Keep a Time Table:
 One of the most important suggestions for many who face this issue is first of to make a time table of the day. Make sure one do wake up and sleep at a set time and stick to that routine. Try not to change the routine, unless one has really some important things to do. Experience speaks about the timing to wake is more important than that of sleeping as , one really feel a need to sleep more even after completing 10 hours of sleep. No wake up!!

2] Eat Healthy:
 I can completely understand the need of eating more in winter. Ayurveda speaks about increase appetite especially when it is cold, but knowing this still it advises to eat healthy and watch out for healthy snacks. Try eating just because you are bored or one is in front of the big idiot box. Avoid it!! Healthy Snacks for winter, Read here more...

3] Exercise:
 It is said that though exercise is directly related to physical body, still the effects of it can be seen even on the mental front too. The best example is the role of exercise in preventing from SAD or seasonal depression. Even a walk for some time would be considering exercise in this case. Go out for a walk, go for small run or just work out in the treadmill. Playing some sort of sports like ice hockey or curling with friends or family member would also make one cheerful.

4] Spend time with friends and family:
 I am really happy in that way for who ever created these festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Festivals such as those are meant for people to meet other people, friends to hang out more and family members to celebrate together. The bond that happens helps a lot with our mental front. Same is true even in such conditions and thus it is recommended that one should arrange time to spend with family members or friends more during such months. Go out for a game or so, hang out in bar or coffee shops, do something that every one love like playing card games. 

5] Hang out in crowded place:
 This is my favorite solution for such dark days here in Canada. I am very new thus have very few friends to spend time and thus the best solution that really worked with me and wife is spending time at the local mall or even coffee shops. Starbucks, Tim Horton’s & other local coffee shops are great places to meet people and have some great time. We used to visit such areas more when it is dark. It really makes a lot of difference I tell you friends.

We would love to hear more how you guys do out there. Any idea if such seasonal issues of over light do bother anyone down near the equator .Love to hear more from all of you. 

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Tree Pose

Last week I hope you all enjoyed doing Ustrasana or Camel pose. It has been 8 to 9 months since we started posts on Yoga and I am sure many have followed it from the start. I had many comments on this blog post and also these posts gave me high readership for sure. Beginners please start with the post of Tadasana and slowly work your way ahead as of today we start with some pose which requires over concentration and ground work which we have gained through our months of practice of Yoga. I would not say that all beginners would find this pose difficult; many rather would enjoy this pose. So try it.

Vrksasana or Tree Pose

 The word "Vrksa" means Tree while asana means pose, thus the pose is called as "Vrksasana". This pose is meant to show the balance and calmness of a tree and how the roots are fixed deep in the ground and the trunk holding the branches very well even in turbulent time.

How to do Vrksasana?

  1. To start this pose, one need to stand in Tadasana pose, keep both the legs together, hands apart from the body. The whole body weight should be equally divided on both the feet.
  2. Slowly shift the weight of your body on the left foot and then inhaling in lift your right leg bending in the knee.
  3. Reaching with your hand, lift the right foot up and place the right sole if possible on the inner aspect of the upper thigh. Lock the left knee joint for more balance.
  4. Balancing your whole body now on one leg, slowly inhale again and keep both your hands in a Namaste format or prayer shape in front of your heart.
  5. If you are comfortable one may slowly lift the arms up in the air above the head and balance the whole body on your left foot.
  6. I normally recommend concentrating on a point in front of you. Once you are in full concentration, it remains very easy to do this pose.


  1.  As said for the beginners, balancing remains the main challenge in this pose, try to keep one's concentration and it would be easy.
  2.  Let your mind be silent for a while to do this pose.
  3.  People those who have issues in their knee joint be careful while doing this pose.


  1. A great pose to increase concentration and keep our mind stable.
  2. Toning the muscles of the legs, thigh, hands arms is attained by this pose.
  3. This pose improves the sense of balance in an individual. It is a good exercise to ground one person.

This pose stimulates the Third Eye or Ajan Chakra .

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Healthy Snacks : Seeds Part 1

A need for nutritious snack has always been a requirement for every person who wants to control weight and be healthy. It is a well known fact that the months of winter bring increased appetites. In India my appetite though healthy was very different from what it is now in Canada in the months of Canada. Ayurveda recommends the use of food with regards to season. If it’s hot, one should look for cooling food, while when the season is cold, it speaks of having warming food. My search of warming snacks started from that theory.
Seeds are such part of plants where they store all its nourishment in a very small amount. It is not just nourishment, but its energy stored to start the metabolism of next plant. My research stumbles here for the search of warming food for such cold months.
In today's post we would discuss two types of seeds that are nourishes and healthy for human being , while in next Friday I would post write another post for the next two seeds to be use .

Sunflower Seeds:
 One of the first seed that I found out to be used in Canada, but later found lot health benefits than anything else is Sunflower seeds. Speaking of snacks I was surprised that many used to complain about healthy snacks during winter, but feed sunflower seeds to birds. By sheer luck one Naturopath told me to try and eat those seeds which I later found that many enjoy and relish as a snack of some sunflower seeds.
Sunflower seeds are basically the same seeds from where you get the oil. These seeds not only have fats but also contain dietary fibre, protein, Vitamin E, and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Lastly they are also rich with cholesterol lowering phytosterols.
It is always advised to roast those seeds and have them in small quantities as snack. One may get salted in health food stores too, but avoid those would be my advice.

Pumpkin seeds:
 Another group of seeds that I was baffled first, but then enjoyed it as snacks was those of Pumpkin, or also known as “Pepita” as known to the Mexican. They are a big part of the Mexican cuisine and also are served as snacks. These seeds can be also of Butternut Squash some times, so do not worry, they still are very nourishes. Though these seeds are more favored snack in the autumn season, still I prefer them even during cold days of the winter too.
Pumpkin seeds are known in the scientific circle for its value to work on anxiety disorders and clinical depression. It is because of the high level of tryptophan an amino acid known by researchers for its value in treating anxiety and mood fluctuation. This remains my biggest reason for using pumpkin seeds during winter , one way to keep our self out from winter blues.
Some studies also have found these seeds to prevent arteriosclerosis and regulate cholesterol levels in the body. The oil of pumpkin seeds is well known in European folklore and used for prostrate problems of men. Recent advances have approved of that fact and comment the use of Pumpkin seeds and its oil for benign prostatic hyperplasia and its symptoms.
To use Pumpkin seeds in our diet, it is preferred to use them light roasted instead of dark. Heat sometimes is known to destroy the nourishment in the seeds.

That’s all for today’s post.  Next Friday we would see two more seeds are ideal snacks for cold winter months.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Herbal Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome

A neurological condition where one has an irresistible urge to move one’s body especially legs to stop uncomfortable or odd sensation.  This is also called in lay man as "the Jimmy legs" and in medical term as Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome. Most of the time this condition is noted by people on their legs, but few have even noticed this happening on their hands, though the name relates to legs. It is said the 2to 15 % of people all around the world do face this condition knowing or unknowingly.
One do face this condition just as one is about to sleep. A feeling of uneasiness or unusual sensation on one's leg is common as one goes to sleep. Many people who face this condition speak about insects crawling on their legs; while some would speak about pins and needles on legs during sleep.  Itching, burning sensation are also some of the known unusual symptoms.
Normally avoiding caffeine, doing some exercise, having a nice warm bath does help some of the people suffering this issue and thus remains the commonest advice even from Doctors. Although in really bad cases medications are prescribed too.

Here are few suggestions that normally would be advised for those who face Restless legs syndrome from the Herbal perspective.

1] Abyanga or Oleation:
Abyanga or Oleation meaning application of oil all over the body, but in this case applied on the legs, is a very well known remedy by Ayurvedic Physicians given to such conditions. Normally warm oil is applied all over the legs before going to bed and then washed with luke-warm water or even bath or shower could be taken. The whole concept remains on how Ayurveda perceive this condition. It is understood that increase of Vatta dosha causes issues like Restless Leg syndrome. To decrease vatta one of the best ways is by doing Abyanga and thus is used for this condition. Sesame seed oil is preferred for such applications. Read more benefits of this abyanga here .

2] Basti or Enema:
 Another treatment to be used commonly against Restless Legs Syndrome is that of Basti, one of the 5 Panchakarma (PK). Basti or Enema is a process where medicated oil, herbal decoction is inserted in the body through the rectum. To understand functioning of Enemas or Basti , one should be knowing the physiology and anatomy of the rectum and the surrounding area. All the area around the rectum and the colon is full of blood vessels; the mucosa inside them is such that it can absorb essential nutrients missed by the digestive process easily. Knowing this Enemas or Basti can be given for either retention of herbs or even just cleansing the colon. Here in this case it is more for mention rather than cleansing one inserts such enemas. The herbs are more to be absorbed by the body to reduce Vatta which helps in reducing the symptoms of this condition.

3] Herbal Tea:
a] Jatamansi: Research is still at a very early stage to say about Jatmansi, a nerve tonic has shown result in this condition. Jatamansi is an herb native to India known as Nardostachys jatamansi. It is basically a root of a plant which has shown amazing results on many neurological issues especially related to sleeping disorders. The tea is advised by Vaidyas to take just before going to bed.

Take warm water and add herbal powder of Jatamansi into it. Keep the tea closed for a while for letting the herbs settle. Do not heat the water when the herbs are added. Sip the tea rather than drinking.
b] Liquorice: Another theory behind this condition is of some herbs to work on the muscle and that is why some group of Ayurvedic physician do use liquorice. It is said that muscle pain is largely reduced due to use of Liquorice roots, as they are excellent muscle relaxant. Also one does get magnesium from it which is said to be useful in such conditions.

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Monday, January 18, 2010


Camel Pose

For last few weeks we have been doing different poses that resembles different animal. For the few days we did both upward and downward Dog, and then we did the Cat pose. Today on this blog we would see another pose which resembles to an animal. That is Camel pose of "Ustrasana". The word "Ustra" means Camel in Sanskrit. Another meaning of the word is, “that which casts light on the mind". A camel is similar it can store water in the hump and use it only when needed and thus survive the harsh desert. Our mind is similar and can store knowledge to use it when needed.

How to do Camel Pose?

1] Start the pose with kneeling on the floor. Both the thighs and feet are together. The toes should be pointing back.
2] Place your both palms on your hips. Curve your spine backward, stretching the thigh.
3] Now slowly exhaling keep your left palm on the left heel and right palm on the right heel. Try to keep them on the soles.
4] Pressing the palms on the feet, throw your head backward. The spine pretty much gets perpendicular to the thigh.
5] Keep the Buttock contracted, stretch dorsal and coccyx region of the spine, furthering the neck backward.
6] Remain in this pose for at least 3 to 4 breathes.
7] Slowly come back to keep your palms on the hips.


  • Yoga Guru   BKS Iyengar quotes in his book that even old people and spinal injury students can easily do this asana. But doing this exercise, I would definite suggest that please try this only and only when you are with an expert to help you.
  • People who do have low and high blood pressure should not do this pose.
  • Though I do not enjoy props, still for beginners if that make this pose to be done easily try them for sure.

  •  People who have hunch back or dropping shoulders would be the first to be benefited from this pose.
  • Stretches the entire abdomen and the spine, thus at one point stimulates all the organs in the abdomen.
 Chakra Effect :

Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fructose : Scary Facts and Solutions

Few months ago I wrote about Scary facts of Cooking in North America. That post was well commented and had great reviews too. The whole idea behind writing such post was very clear, one to make everyone look deep in their lifestyle; two understand what is going wrong with it. Sometimes we just follow the trend without our brain cells actually working. But when we sit down and let ponder for a while a very different approach remains in front of us. I want your some time to ponder on this topic too as it remains a very important. They are some scary fact, but understand fear would not help us, understanding the issue and finding solutions for the issue can really solve the issue.

Facts about Fructose :
In a recent long term survey conducted by Health and Nutrition Examination Survey it was found and confirmed that the intake of Fructose in North Americans have increased to extreme level. This intake was noticed more by teenagers rather than adults, although the rate looks scary for all age group. The fact that was more to be worried about was that this fructose intake was not through natural sources, but came from artificial and more so in the form of Soft Carbonated drink. The reports also said that around 12% of everyday calorie required by teenagers comes from fructose, which means fewer intakes of milk and fruits. The scientist where also worried about the increasing obesity rate in kids and youths. One may find one or two scientific papers linking the influence of fructose on high obesity rate.

What is Fructose?
Fructose is basically a monosaccharide (simple sugar), that the body can use for energy. Normally it is found in Honey, fruits, berries, melons and some root vegetable in its natural form. It was once understood that fructose could replace natural sugar as it has very low glycemic index, which means it does not cause blood sugar rise. Another interesting thing about fructose is that it has a very unusual metabolism. Normally glucose is digested in our blood system itself, but fructose does not. The metabolism of fructose happens in our liver. And here is the most unusual thing about fructose, if eaten in excess the liver when it cannot over take that load to metabolizes, changes this fructose to triglyceride and release it in our blood stream.

Fructose in Our Diet:
As said before in its natural form fructose is available in most of the fruits and berries and other roots. It is also available in High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), soft carbonated drinks and as preservatives in most of the canned products.  It is said that a can of chopped tomatoes contain 2.5 gm of fructose, a can of regular soda contains around 23 gm.

 Health Hazards about Fructose:

As said before excess fructose in our body gets converted into triglyceride, so the next time you drink a can of soda, what you are actually doing is increasing your triglycerides level for sure.
Studies show that fructose in small children s also increase uric acid in their body, which means that children of today can be affected with Gout at a very early age.
Another study shows that fructose consumption has to be blamed for the increasing cases of Non alcoholic fatty liver diseases.

 Here are few of the solutions which I think can be useful:
  1. First and foremost look out for more natural sugars in our diet rather than artificial. Crave sweet... why not eat more fruits. Try it.
  2. Replace the craving of soft drinks with some fresh squeezed juices.
  3. Give milk instead to your kids instead of pop or any other drinks.
  4. How about "Nimbu pani" or Lemon water... best alternative to cool and quench one's thirst.
  5. Avoid canned food as much as possible and look out for more and more fresh vegetables and products.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Start your New Year with Right Colon Cleanser

Today we welcome the first Guest post for the year 2010 from the pen of Colinista. Being a doctorate in Colonology and Nutrition, in this post she speaks about Colon cleanser and how to choose one. It was her own experience that bought her to write about her specialty in this article and also as a blogger. is the blog which she writes on and she can followed also on twitter.

The best thing about the New Year is that you could start on new habits and do something about the fact that you picked up bad ones. Indeed, with the new year comes resolutions to be a healthier person whether at home, at work, or just be a better person overall. However, one thing seems to be always on a person's resolution list: be healthier. With this, maybe one of your items on your New Year's resolutions is to try natural ways to lose weight like colon cleansing and detoxing.

This year, you may have ingested more toxins than you realize. The food you ate, the drink you had, and even the place where you inhaled some smoke all contribute to the amount of toxins in your body. With this, you may want to do some toxic cleansing to get rid of all the stuff that's still there for a year. Help your body out by eliminating toxins with the aid of colon cleansing products and supplements. Through your bowel movements, you are removing a lot of waste and toxins so it just makes sense that the best cleanse you could start with is a colon cleanse.

You should realize, however, that going on a colon cleanse or a detox requires some preparation. After you have attended all the holiday parties you have and ate all you wanted during this season of feasts, it is recommended that you start on a detox diet before using a colon cleanse product. For a week, incorporate fruits, vegetables, and more glasses of water. After a week, you could go on a full on detox diet and take some colon cleanse supplements. Take note, however, that you have to research on a product and read consumer reviews before deciding on one. Take this Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse review for example. It details one's whole experience with the product and not just an overview of what the colon cleanse contains and who made it.

With enough preparation, you could start your new year right. Indulge with what you want and then take responsibility for your indulgences. Go on a diet, start a new exercise plan, or even commit yourself to being healthier and more fit. After all, there's nothing like the new year to bring the promise of hope and change.

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Monday, January 11, 2010


Cat pose
Last week we enjoyed doing the Upward Face Dog pose or Urdhva  Mukha Svasana. I am sure many would have found that pose to be refreshing. Today we bring yet another interesting pose which represents another pose from the animal world. 
“Marjarasana” also called as Cat pose is name again because of the way a cat stretches. In today pose we would stretch same as the animal cal stretches. The word “Marjar” means Cat in Sanskrit thus the name of the pose as “Marjarasana”.

How to do this pose:

  1. To start this pose one need to be on both hands and both knees pose. The pose looks like a flat table top created due to our back. Make sure you thighs are perpendicular to the hips.
  2.  Inhale in and slowly lift your spine up, towards the ceiling. Press you stomach inside as much as possible to give the maximum lift.  
  3.  Form a nice curve in that way of your spine from the lower part of the neck to the waist area.
  4. Exhale and come back to the start pose of being in the table top pose.
  5.  Continue doing this pose for some time. Although this pose is commonly done with another pose named as Cow pose.


  1.  Make sure one does not have any issues with the spine. It is advisable for those having trouble with spine take expert opinion before and when doing this pose.
  2. When one life the spine towards the ceiling make sure one does not lift the either of the palms and the knees from the floor.


  1. Stretches and work on the back torso.
  2. Helps lot to those who suffer with lower back issues. People those who sit for long time or those who drive a lot would benefit if this pose is done.
  3. Stimulates the belly and all the inner abdominal organs.

Chakra effect:

 Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Kapha Prakruti

Couple of weeks ago we discussed about Pitta Prakruti. We did understood how those who have a Pitta Prakruti behave, what they eat and like to eat and many other points. Today we would have a chance to understand the last Prakruti in that group. The Kapha Prakruti

Kapha Prakruti and Physique

Individuals of Kapha Prakruti are normally well build individuals. Since childhood they tend towards a little bit of chubby nature or even one may say over weight. Lot of time such kapha prakruti people tend to be small in stature. Small fingers, small toes, small hands , small legs are very typical . Joints,fingers, feet are a little towards chubby side. Kapha prakruti do are very soft individuals. Their softness of skin is very much noticeable and appreciable in public.

Kapha and features of Mind 

 The softness of the skin is also seen on the mental front. A typical Kapha individual are very soft in nature. Calm and quiet would be traits to look for such individuals. They are not big on talking , but do love to think and thus such individuals tend to be thinkers rather than orators. Good Memory, good grasper,  are also some of the mental traits of Kapha individual. They are individuals who would seldom get angry on any one whatsoever happens to them. Being so calm and quiet many assume that such individuals are lonely in life. Yes they can be , but many times one tend to see good friendship and relation ship developed between this individuals too.
Being Thinker they do tend to take very high position in the corporate level, but still it is amazing how calm and quiet they could be. Issues from stress and tension takes a while for them to be bothered. Thus one can say they do and can work at a very high stressful situation too.
With all such good traits Kapha individual are also known for being little lazy individuals. Procrastination is often seen in them many time.

Food Habits of Kapha Individual

A kapha individual from all the traits of Prakruti tends to have a very small appetite. Thus eating voracious, eating complete three courses of meal seldom happens with such individuals. Having multiple small meals is thus very common which can be more often seen as Snacking. Kapha individual do enjoy salt,bitter and spicy food and thus if they indulge in excess tend to snack more on spicy and salty items like salted cashews or peanuts.  All though having such a small appetite still they tend to  have a good metabolism.Thus issues with bowel moments are not very common in  such individuals .

Health Issues of Kapha Individual

 First of as said earlier in this post such individuals tend to be a little chubby since childhood. If diet habits and lifestyle do detoriate  in further life , such individuals normally face one big issue and that is OK Obesity. Obesity and obesity related issues are very common with Kapha individuals . Lack of exercise, excessive snacking, just adds a lot of things for such individual health. Diabetes, High blood pressure, High lipid level , cardiac issues are very common with such individual.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 Steps to Lose Extra pounds

A Gift from the Holidays
Back in reality from grand holidays  yet? Snacking, party time, booze and all the crazy meals are routine during such days. Are they over yet or no!! Now does the ghost of weight gain bother you now or no? If you had read my article before may be you might be good this period, it’s good to know. But if not do not freak out. Many would actually start crazy fasting, weight loss clinic and even pills. Is it OK to do take such drastic measures?

Many fitness guru and dietitians would tell you not to take such steps. It is very important to look out for some simple steps to lose those extra pounds. Here is a collection of few steps that one can indulge in our day to day activity to maintain and help lose some weight too.

1] Diet Control:

 The first step that most of us tend to take and is always suggested is Diet Control. Holidays are over and so are all the fun and party. Make sure one now go back to the routine that was set before the holidays. Calorie control and eating only when one is hungry would be my personal suggestion and favorite too. Desserts, sweet and exotic food, ohh and also alcohol if one do indulge should now be reduced or completely cut down for some time. Effective know-how of our owns diet would help us work better to achieve our goal.

2] Periodic Fasting: 

Thought not a big fan of fasting for a long time, I still believe that fasting if done periodic can be the best way of keep our health and weight in control too. In my last post of fasting, I have mention how to do it and the benefits of it. But the important thing to understand is that fast only when and how much one can. Do not over fast is very important. A day in a week of just hot water or even just couple of glasses of juices or even Khicadhi can work well.

3] Hot water:

 The benefits of hot water have been discussed again before hand on this blog post.  I have always loved hot water as a medium not only to keep our digestive system in control, but also as a good way to detoxify the body toxins. The best benefit that I see of hot water during times like this is that it helps to reduce our appetite a little bit especially the snacking appetite. Drink when in between your meals one feel hungry or just feel like a craving of snacks and see the difference.

4] Yoga /Pilates / Gym work:

 Either one can devote a ton of time during such post holidays or one can systematically devote few minutes every day to specific planned yoga Pilates lessons. Both ways one can choose to lose that extra pound easily and slowly. Yogic position like Pashimottanasana , Padhangustanasanna and many more are really good to work on the excess pound on the abdomen and thighs. Working with those pose can really help too. Even try Surya Namaskar or Sun-salutation too for good results.

5] Walk:

One of the best way and a best habit one can develop is to walk. I have not really spoken on walking that much on this blog. But to be frank that is one of the best ways to lose few pounds easily if one indulges in. Walk daily and maintain a fix timing if possible. With the added advantage of losing pounds, one can also feel refreshed and may breathe extra oxygen daily do not you thing.

As sea is a collection of drop and drops of water over time. In the same way simple steps like those mentions above can easily help you lose those extra pounds. Yes if you have any more thoughts and simple steps like this please feel free to comment. Looking forward for more comments....

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Urdva Mukha Svasana

Upward Dog Pose

Last week we had a chance to learn another interesting pose namely "Adho Mukha Svasana", also known as Downward  Dog pose. On the same lines of the stretches that dog an animal do we would also do another pose today named as "Urdhva Mukha Svasana".

"Urdhva Mukha" means Upward Facing while "Svasana" means Dog pose in Sanskrit. Thus the name "Urdhva Mukha Svasana" or Upward Facing Dog.

How to do this pose?

  1. Lie on your abdomen flat on the yoga mat.  Keep both the legs straight and mind that they are a feet apart from each other. Keep your hands just aside your body on the side without touching the body.
  2. To start the pose keep your palms rested on the floor near your hips. Palms open, fingers spread.
  3. Inhale in and then pressing firmly on the ground by your palms slowly starts lifting your upper trunk. Your head up in the air, your whole body currently rest on your both palms and the toes.
  4. No bends at your elbows, thus both the arms are straight and stretched as much as possible. Make sure your head is stretched too.
  5. The whole weight of your body in this pose lies completely on your palms and your toes. Try not to bend the knees and give the support. One can also tighten the buttock for extra result.
  6. Breathe in and out and hold the pose for some time. 


  1. The asana resembles a lot like Bhujangasana or Cobra pose, thus all the cautions are similar like that pose.
  2. It is very important to keep both the arms straight and the legs straight too. Try not bending the knee joints at all.
  3. The head in this pose tilts a little backward and should be in that way.
  4. Those have health issues related to spine and neck should be aware to do this pose with expert guidance.


  • Rejuvenate the spine and the muscles around it.
  • A really helpful pose for those who suffer with sciatica, back pain slipped disc and other lower back pain.
  • Stimulates the internal abdominal organ
  • Due to chest expansion the lungs do gain elasticity, which is much helpful from those suffering with asthma and other lung diseases.

Chakra Effect :

 Its known work is one the Manipur chakra or the solar plexus

Difference between Bhujanagasana and Urdva Mukha Svasana ?

It is always a though that would come to your mind what would be the difference between Bhujanagasana or Cobra pose and this pose. Both look very much similar, here are few differences.

  • In this pose the knees and thighs are not touching the ground , one is completely supported by the palms and the toes. While in Cobra one rests on complete leg completely.
  • In cobra it is OK to keep the elbow joint bent , rather for a beginner that is advisable, while in this pose both the arms need to be stretched to its full length.
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    Friday, January 1, 2010

    New Year Resolution : An Appeal !!

    Wishing everyone Happy New Year!! 

    Wishing and praying that the coming year bring lot of happiness, Good health, peace and prosperity for all of us in the World.
    As New Year arrives each one of us tend to make resolutions, it is but natural. Since childhood I have devoted the first few weeks of the New Year in making sure my resolutions are carried away faithfully. Writing a dairy, reading books every day and so and so. Every year those resolutions are all lost in thin air during the months of either Feb. or March or even a bit later some times. I am sure this story to be similar with each one of you. Can us changes that approach of keeping a resolution and then working on it for the whole year. How can we work on it?

     Have you seen the new design of the blog yet! I have been working on changing the blog design for months now. I was just not sure if I could manage to change the fonts and stuff. Unsure of my own capabilities, I was left wondering when suddenly I was helped by my Twitter friend Liz Hover. She not only gave me the moral support to change, but also emailed me few templates too. 

    What struck me through this conversation is I knew I could do it, but still a little push from my friend helped me to do a lot. Thanks a lot Liz for your support. If that is the value of a simple support why cannot we help each other in supporting and helping each other in keeping our resolutions till the end of the year?

    Here is thought in this blog I would be devoting one post every month on some of the New Year resolution per month. I would try to cover topics that I normally think people would have as resolutions. Topics like weight loss help to quit smoking or help to reduce alcohol are something that is very common resolutions.  I am very open for new suggestions too. May be any one can tell us about your resolution and how one should work on it in a Guest post. Do not worry I would not share names if said so. 

    I am soon going to share my New Year resolution in one of the blog post to come, but would love to hear soon about all your resolutions too. So please either email me your resolution from the Contact page, or one can write on the comment section or one can even tweet me @vdsudeep.  Looking forward for your comments and once more time Happy New Year.

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