Friday, December 18, 2009

Vatta Prakruti

Under the influence of each particular dosha during conception, one is said to see three major types of Prakruti.  If season, food and also the qualities of both sperm and ova favours for the Vatta dosha the person, would more likely be a Vatta Prakruti .

Physical features

Vatta or Vayu is one of the Mahabhoots that moves on its own of all five Mahabhoots.  Hence the property of movement would be first to be noticed when one looks for Vatta Prakruti.
Movements of physical body are the most prominent seen with this personality. Many time kids are often labelled because of such movements as Attention Deficit Disorder {ADD} kids.
Vata Prakruti individuals physical are more likely to be skinny. They tend to have long feet, long legs, long hands and also long hairs. They also tend to have rough, long hairs.
Because of the property of dryness or Ruksta of Vayu dosha, these individuals also tend to have dry and rough skin.

Mental Nature of a Vatta Individual:

Remember the word “Air headed individual”, we used to tease some of our friends in school. The reason we teased is because of the nature of that individual, especially of their brain. Movement governs them, thus vatta prakruti individuals even in the mental world are in constant motion. One moment they can be angry at some body, but soon they can be emotional. Very volatile in nature some times.
Less attention span, poor memory, but a very good grasp of new subjects is what attracts about them.
They are said to be manipulative, cunning and very shrewd some times for sure.

Food Habits:

 A Vatta individual loves to eat. They have very large appetite, but can be very changeable too. Some days they can eat like a pig, but some days they would not feel hungry at all. Thus they also face episodes of constipation some days too.
A Vatta individual loves to eat sweet, sour and salty food. They love to munch even after having a heavy meal. Individuals who are Vatta tend also to eat more than required some times.


 Because of constant thought process such individuals really have trouble falling asleep. Even if the eyes are closed such individuals tend to think constantly and it is very hard to shut their brains for a long time. Majority of people who are suffering with insomnia are Vatta individual.

Health Issues:

 As said due to diet, lifestyle such individuals tend to suffer from a very early age issues like constipation.
Another health issue that bothers such individuals is related to Bones. Many of these individuals do suffer with osteoarthritis; osteoporosis and other bone diseases sometimes even at an early age too.
Insomnia is very common too for such prakruti.

Next week would take a look on what is Pitta Prakruti .

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