Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snacks : Some Thoughts

Couple of days ago one of my RSS feed reader asked a question regarding eating snacks and what does Ayurveda think on that line. This post is dedicated to his questions for sure. Thanks a lot.

Normally one eats three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But there are times when one do eat or indulge in eating just pleasure or maybe because of hunger. Is this snacking healthy , is snacking good food healthy or just eating unhealthy food bad for one ?Are some the typical questions that jumbles a health savvy individual for sure. In my article on “Breakfast: Some Thoughts” I tried to answer some of the basic thoughts in regards to eating food and what Ayurveda has to say.

In this article we would try to understand possible criteria’s that would decide if eating snacks is healthy.

1] Eat only when you are really hungry:

According to Ayurveda one of the most important think that one should understand is that if you are hungry you are entitle to eat. It does happen sometimes that one even after eating lunch or dinner; we may feel hungry after some time. Try to hold that hunger for some and see, if not one can look for some healthy snack option.

2] Season and Hunger

Seasons do dominate our appetite what do you think? Have you notice that in winter one may eat a little more than usual while in summer’s our appetite decreases just because of water intake rather than food. According to Ayurveda winter being cold the body do consume a lot of energy thus one may need extra amount of food than normal .Thus snacking during the cold months is something what is OK.

3] Concept of Prakruti

Last week I just talked about this in one post, one of the best ways to understand prakruti is by the example of appetite. Have you noticed everyone on the breakfast table eating same? No it does not happen in that way. Some in the family would eat more, while some would eat or even skip. Prakruti or Nature has lot to do with how one is going to eat and digest food according to Ayurveda. Pitta prakruti individuals would be feeling hunger all the time, thus the chance of such individuals munching would be common. Try to restrict their munching and one could see some health issues arising too like headaches.

Looking through one can easily say that yes if one follow all these three gudielines eating snacks and lastly healthy snacks could be good for health. It is us to decide and understand our body, if one knows his or her body and follows we are on right tract.
Happy Snacking For this Christmas

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2 comments: on "Snacks : Some Thoughts"

Sheila said...

I am one of those who are hungry all of the time. So the key for me would be to snack healthy.

thanks - Sheila

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