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Seven Organisms that Live Inside the Human Body

Today on this blog I present Mary Ward who would be writing on a very different and interesting topic. Human Body is a very amazing  full of unknown frontier even today. Mysterious  fold and unfold every second everyday. Today in this post Mary is going to explain us different Organisms that live Inside the Human Body.  Helpful are some , while harmful are others. I hope you would enjoy this post.

It can be unsettling to contemplate the idea that there are various creatures living inside of you body, but is true.  A whole category of living things called microorganism regularly in habit the human body.  Many of these creatures actually feed off the body in various ways or eliminate other materials.  There are helpful organisms and those that actually do harm. 

Those that work in a symbiotic relationship with our bodies may even protect us from destructive microorganisms.  Still, parasites and viruses do manage to get into the body.  This category can be dangerous even fatal depending on the type.

If you want to know more, then take a look at 7 organisms that live inside the human body.

Protozoa These little beasties are classified as parasites, although they do perform some positives services by cutting down the bacterial and micro-fungal populations in various parts of the body.  That said, certain protozoa are very aggressive and can make you sick or cause serious internal damage. 

Worms – In this microscopic context, worms such as the roundworm and the tapeworm are a form of parasitic organism that may end up in certain part of the body due to environmental interactions or the ingestion of contaminated food or water.  These worms may live undetected for many years in side the human host body; although, they may also cause internal injuries or be the root cause of other illnesses.

Bacteria – The human body is home to thousands of bacteria.  Many of these bacteria are helpful agents that aid the body in breaking down waste materials or eliminating foreign elements that would otherwise cause harm.  At the same time, they are the causes of all sorts of illnesses that plague us such as typhoid, cholera, meningococcal meningitis, tuberculosis, and tetanus, to less dangerous urinary tract infections, boils, and acne. 

Fungi Micro-fungi may inhabit the body as molds or yeasts.  Certain areas are more prone to the presence of different fungus types than others are.  While some fungi are essentially harmless, other strains can cause serious illnesses in even healthy individuals.

Archaea – While they were once considered a type of bacteria, the archaea are not defined as distinct micro-organic species.  One example is the amoeba.  They may find their ways into the body through contaminated foods or water.

Viruses – These microorganisms are far smaller than bacteria, and they to make their home inside of people.  They live by destroying the host cells add multiplying throughout the body's cells.  Diseases like AIDS, polio, and influences are caused by viruses.  They are destructive organisms that eventually destroy the host unless some treatment is used to stop or slow their development.

Prions – It might be stretching it a bit to call the prion a microorganism, though there are those who treat it as one.  This microorganism is an infectious agent that is basically a protein that lacks DNA and RNA (this is why it is a stretch to call it a living creature).  Prions can cause problems when they come in contact with the body's normal proteins.

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