Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review of Food

 Want to read new recipes for the coming festive season. Want to share your old grandma’s Turkey recipe, love to read on different restaurant reviews and love to write about different new restaurants  then you  need to click this site. Food should be your choice of destination on World Wide Web.

As a health blogger I often get this question; How healthy is this recipe? Do you know any good place to refer for heating healthy food in restaurants? Very recently I found the answer for that question. A site that offers all what is said above. And on top of that one can be also being connecting to different food lovers all over the world in a forum. Here is what is different of this site called as Food

1] Recipes with a Twist:
 On Food Connect if you are looking for recipes well look for it, but do not forget to look more beyond them. Not only one gets recipes but one would also end up getting many other information like different components and the calorie value of the recipe and other nutrients.
Historical facts, dictionary of new words all are highlighted when your cursor moves over that word. That makes it easy for a person to understand new words too.

2] Restaurants and Reviews:
 Only those who join can write reviews. Well it’s a free forum for anyone to take part. But even without joining one can read all the reviews on the site. Reviews of different restaurants done by forum members like you and me are honest to the core .Some food critiques and travel writers often share their experience with great places.
Only thing that I felt odd is that one may find many Canadian restaurants being reviewed than US.

3] Food Lover's Forum:
The part which makes this website unique is the forum part. One can easily join it for free. As a member you can not only enjoy all the recipes, but also can review restaurants, add events, make friends and connect with your old friends. Lastly the one can even add local events that can attract many other tourists as also one can take benefit of other events too.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the site and do join Food

This post is written for promotion, but still I do enjoy this website for sure.

Posted by Sudeep

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