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Prakruti : An Ayurvedic Concept

When it comes to Ayurveda in the recent world, one word that one may notice used all the times in news, in talks, in articles or even in books is the word called as Prakruti. The same word is seen as the bases of dealing with clients, the same word is used when dealing with healthy individuals. What is Prakruti any ways?

Prakruti [प्रकृ्ति]

means Constitution in its literal meaning. According to “Bhagavad Geeta” Prakruti means the basic nature of intelligence by which Universe exists and function. It is also the basic of all creation. Each and every thing in the universe does have a nature of itself. Say the nature of a tiger is to be ferocious, while that of a rabbit to be a little timid. In the same way each of us does have a nature of our own. And that nature is called as our Prakruti. Both the physical and the mental nature together are taken into consideration to understand them.

In Ayurveda Prakruti of an individual is divided in three major types namely the same three types of what Doshas are classified. Vatta ,Pitta, Kapha . Thus one may say Vatta Dosha and Vatta Prakruti, but still means a lot same and lot different at the same time.

How does a Prakruti of a Human defined?

Normally a prakruti of a person is defined during conception. The different cause that defines it is as follows:
  1. The quality of Sperms {Male}
  2. The quality of Ova {Female}
  3. Mother’s diet at the time of conception
  4. Season at the time of conception
  5. Mental state of both partners
All of the above things in combine do define the nature of the child born. And that is defined as the Prakruti of the child born.

Why to Understand Prakruti?

I keep that answer for some post later, till then just understand that knowing Prakruti one can be healthy and also treat the different health issues.

Can Prakruti be changed?

This remains one of most common question asked in regards to Prakruti to Vaidyas. Can that be changed? The answer is pretty clear no.....
Can a tiger change the nature to be ferocious, yes the tiger can be domesticated to some level, but still it will show sometimes the nature at some extent.

For the next few weeks we would understand the different types of Prakruti and each of their characteristic.

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