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Pitta Prakruti

Last week we saw the Vatta Prakruti and all of characteristic of an individual’s whose constituent is Vatta. Today we would have a look on nature of the person who is govern by one of the tri dosha name as Fire or Pitta. The characteristic of the dosha does have a big impact on the nature of such individual for sure.

Pitta Prakruti and Physical feature

To understand a Pitta person is very easy in a group of people. A person who is attractive, one may say beautiful and also well known with his peers would be more likely is a Pitta person. These individuals are normally medium built, hairs which may be small, dark or be a little brown too, brown eyes or sometimes different colour.  Such individuals also tend to lose hairs quickly thus can be bald during early age of their life span. They do love the cold and hate the sun due to the heat in their own body.

Pitta Prakruti and the features of Mind
When it comes to know a person who is governed by Pitta dosha one should know that such person are known to be the kings in their world and no less. They are most loyal to their friends and most troublesome for their foes. Typical pitta individuals are also known for their short temper as they are known for their anger.  Such individuals although hated by few still are also very romantic when it comes to heart so they are a bit possessive.
Courageous adventurous, intelligent , daring are some of the adjectives that suits an pitta individual for sure.

Pitta Prakruti and Food Habits

As a king Pitta people are known for their indulgence in food and everything. Known to be ever hungry, pitta individuals do have a large appetite. Not just appetite they also have a very good digestive power as if to digest stone some say.
Such individual normally love to eat spicy food as compare to salty or sweet food in general. Rich exotic foods do definitely appeal such people for sure.

Health Issues of Pitta Prakruti

 It is the nature of the Pitta Prakruti to indulge as a king of what we know as pretty much over indulge rather than indulge. If they like spicy, they tend to over indulge, if they like alcohol they would drink more. Such habits tend to create health issues normally affecting the digestive tract of such persons.
Pitta prakurti individuals normally suffer with acidity at a very early age. If they over indulge in extravaganza they normally would face liver cirrhosis and issues with their kidneys.
Baldness is also one of the common health issues that such individuals may suffer at a very early age.
Stress also remains another major set of issue faced by such individuals. It is normally seen that such individuals do take lot of work at a time. Thus fulfillment of the said work remains a major issue creating stress.

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