Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Natural Ways to Detox


Today’s world as we all know is full of pollutants and chemicals, air pollutants, noise pollutants, water pollutants . Our food that we eat too if not polluted is subjected to various chemicals which may or may not have any long term hazards on our body. The human body do have a way to throw out such unwanted crap . Our execratory system with the help of organs like liver, lungs and kidneys work nonstop to keep our body healthy. Still one is well aware that it takes a toll on our body. Health conditions like fatigue, migraines, nausea and many more do occur on and off with no reasons what so ever.

More and more health savvy individuals are looking for ways to eliminate such wastes from our body easily thus looking for different types of detoxification programs. Hydro colon therapies, Apple fast, Master cleanse are some of the well known out of all. One is aware that such types of diet or fasting do require lot of patience and also lot of money in some conditions too. One always wonder any way to keep healthy and also detox sometimes just with the help of simple things in daily life.

Water Detox
According to Naturopathic Medicine one of the best ways to cleanse one’s body is my drinking water. Drinking water for days or also called as water fast is a common way of cleaning one’s body. I was lucky in my career to see both success of this type of fasting and also some of the known hazards of such fasting. Thus when referring to water as a way of detoxification, I tried to see what Ayurveda has to say on it .

According to the Science of Living called as Ayurveda, Water does have many properties and one of them is to cleanse and also nourish. But the magic of water is not in using it just plain. To nourish cold water really quenches one’s thirst, but for detoxification one needs a different set of rules for water.
Hot Water /Warm Water
I know I kept you wondering why hot water as compared to regular water what is the difference. Let me explain you more clearly with this example. After finishing a nice meal when it comes to wash oily dishes what would one normally do. It is simple just start some warm water and then apply detergent and its clean. Now before cleansing it warm water try to use cold water. One could see the difference easily. Understand that warm water in Ayurveda is said to be the real detoxifier. It has the magic property to go in our system and as we clean our dishes after meal, this water goes and cleans our gut properly.
One does not need to take this more than one glass as even just one or two glass here and there can make a huge difference in everyday cleansing. No need for fasting, no headaches, no nausea and no extra money too for such detox method. One’s health is assure if each day such simple ways of detoxification. What do you say? Try this water think and do let me know how you feel.

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